Baratza Sette 270wi workflow vs single dosing

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Hi all,

I currently have a Baratza Sette 270wi and a Rocket Appartamento. I typically pour 2-3 days worth of beans into the hopper, and use the built-in Acaia scale to weigh out my coffee for each shot. With my Acaia Lunar, I utilize the mode where the weight of the mug is torn out, a timer starts to count down, and it starts measuring the weight of my shot all at once. I love this minimal and streamlined workflow.

However, I don't love how ridiculously loud the Sette is. I don't love that it's made of plastic. I don't love how it looks next to my stainless steel Rocket. I've also had to replace the motor once. Baratza really stepped up and replaced it for free, but I understand this is basically a design flaw and will likely happen again in the future. I'd also like to try a larger burr set to get more out of the coffee.

I've started looking at single dosing grinders such as the Lagom P64 and the 078s Sculptor. I especially like the look of the P64. But I'm hesitating, as it seems like I'd have to introduce a bunch of "stuff" into my workflow. Namely, a second scale to weigh the beans (I don't really want to change modes on the Acaia Lunar every morning). Or, I'd need to get a bunch of dosing vials and prep them ahead of time (although I don't know how airtight they are).

I'm curious if anyone else has gone through this and has some tips or different ways to think about this. I realize it's a very "high class dilemma" :D. Maybe I'm just spoiled by how useful the Sette 270wi built-in scale is.

Thanks in advance!

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Given that you're already letting your beans hang out in the hopper, I wouldn't worry about how airtight vials are. The flat-bottom, centrifuge vials with caps seem to be an affordable option and are reasonably airtight.

A second scale would only be around US$15 for something like the MAXUS or Weightman depending on where you want the buttons and which is lowest price this week. Since I make filter and espresso from the same bag but with different doses, I weigh with each cup or shot.

The P64 is a great grinder with a variety of burr options. Burr choice may make a big difference in whether you find it to be more enjoyable in the cup than the Sette. Typically "better" burrs end up revealing more in the coffee, good and bad both. You may find yourself benefitting from stepping a notch in your choice of roasters if you go with one of the more "clarity focused" burr sets. The Niche Zero is a good option for classic espresso. I expect that there will be many available on the used market with the Niche Duo prompting changes among owners. (I won't say "upgrade" as flavor profile is a personal choice and the overall performance of the Niche Duo is still unknown,)

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Jesse, I relegated my Sette 270Wi to the spares cabinet for the same reasons you cite, and replaced it with a Failai ZF64W. I got mine from the manufacturer some time ago, but you can get it retail in the USA here (possibly other places too). This is a quiet, commercial flat burrs grinder with integrated scale, like the 270Wi. It's an espresso only grinder, but with a small internal modification involving removal of a stop, can be made into an AP grinder. It's quite large, so goes best with big, square espresso machines, such as my ECM Synchronika. The hopper is huge, but I cut mine down so that it would fit under the shelf above my espresso bar counter. If you search here on H-B, you'll find a few threads with reviews and comments.