Baratza Sette 270, but quiet

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The gearbox went on my four year old Sette, and Baratza, in amazing customer service, shipped me a new one for free. They told me that it has been improved and quieted, and I think that must really has got to be the case. So I would no longer judge the Sette's noise by its early reviews. I was too impatient, so I did not test the noise of the new gearbox before executing the four modifications detailed in this post- Quieting the Baratza Sette - 4 reversible mods tried & tested- so I don't have a before-and-after, but with the new gearbox, and those four mods, my Sette is *genuinely quiet*, at least by my standards! It is really amazing, and such a relief!

I have excess of all the materials, because it's impossible to order them in very small quantities, and if anyone wants to buy some of my excess from me to try the mods yourself, and help me recoup my costs, DM me and I can send you a little kit of them: closed cell foam, vibration dampening washers, butyl constrained layer dampener, mass-loaded vinyl. Got enough left for 2-3 mods.

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How did you contact Baratza? Mine the grinder turns on but does not actually grind coffee.

Is the gearbox the culprit?

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Sounds like it could be the gearbox, but they will help you diagnose! I just called the customer service number on their website. Got through to someone in about three minutes, and he was very helpful. A+ customer service that you can't get when you order a grinder from a Chinese factory on alibaba. Made me glad for my decision to buy a Sette.

NB: when/if you replace the gearbox, careful not to mix up the case screws and the motor assembly mounting screws, they have different threads; careful not to overtighten the assembly screws when you put it back; careful not to break off the safety switch attached to the top case. (I made all of these errors but it still worked out okay.)