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dsc106 wrote:I didn't realize there was no manual mode. That's annoying. The thought was at $530 vs $600, may as well get the weight feature in the event that as the family grows, I like the early AM workflow of just weighing it out quickly right from the grinder. Also, I think I'd want the steel burr set ($60) separate, so the Vario+ would cost me $590. Though I'd also like the ceramic burrs, and I can't find where to purchase those seperately to add to the W+ so I have the option? (Aren't ceramic better for espresso?)
you can just set a high weight for a workaround for a manual mode and single-dose perfectly fine. the grinder has 3 presets for weight and I just have one with a higher dose and use that for single dosing. I've never used the PF holder so I'll have to trust that video for how it performs but I can't be sure it's the same for the older model (I don't have a plus). alternatively, you can set the desired weight and add the beans until it reaches that weight as well, and at the end purge the grinder so nothing is left over.


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pham wrote:I've posted about the Vario in the alicorn thread previously, but I feel this would be a good chance to post an update for anyone looking into the Vario+. To be clear, using shims to align the burrs doesn't make it "hyperaligned", which is a specific procedure that takes advantage of the fact that the bottom burr carrier runout can be controlled via the belt tension and thus can be referenced to the top burr carrier. My experience with the hyperalignment procedure is that (unless the Vario is drastically misaligned) it will not make a huge difference for pourover. The steel burrs are a great option for an always balanced pourover brew. However, I actually prefer using the steel burr Vario for espresso, which is where the alignment procedure comes in.
Pham, thanks for this. Given your experience with hyperalignment, do you see any significant improvement on this front the new upgrades could bring? Anything beyond the metal grind chamber?

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do you see any significant improvement on this front the new upgrades could bring?

The Forte steel chamber is quite significant for espresso purposes. The upper burr carrier is threaded in, instead of being held in place by the 3 wings. I bought a Forte steel grind chamber + upper burr carrier separately and added them in myself. The newer Varios remove that part of the process of having to email Baratza separately for the order link.

This system is designed to accommodate a bit of system flex, in that the coffee pushes the burrs apart during grinding. I think the plastic chamber flexes a bit too much and will force you to grinder further below touchpoint for a given flow rate. The harder and denser the roast, the more of an issue this will be

As far as the rest, I don't think anything else is significant really. The white one looks a lot less dated than the old one


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Thank you, Pham. That confirms my impressions. I'm continually disappointed by the lack of innovation from the incumbent players...