Baratza Encore does not allow coarse grinding

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#1: Post by migue »

Ive Baratza Encore for my home and was works fine but today i try grind more coarse (french press) and now only grind fine (very fine) and the coffee not down to recipient. I attached image when i try grind coffee and the cone burr section


#2: Post by SutterMill »

Appears to be coffee ground buildup. Are your beans typically covered in oil like a dark roast or some type of flavoring? If so I would recommend a bean less oily or more routine cleaning.

You should be able to remove the burr and clean the residue out with cotton swabs or paper towel.

migue (original poster)

#3: Post by migue (original poster) replying to SutterMill »

Hi, is not the beans. I try with differents origins/brands and the same thing always happens, i think it is something mechanical .

any help please.



#4: Post by Cedo »

Check the bean exit path/chute is not blocked. Maybe there's build up preventing the beans from exiting so it ends up regrinding all the beans in the chamber.

migue (original poster)

#5: Post by migue (original poster) replying to Cedo »

i disassemble the entire coffee grinder (until conical burr) clean all pieces, check physical status and i've the same result :(