Baratza Encore burr upgrade to Preciso

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Postby happycat » Jan 18, 2016, 10:34 pm

Thought I would share that I recently upgraded my formerly buyers remorse Baratza Encore grinder for $35CDN with a Preciso cone burr. As it has had light use, I didn't bother upgrading the other burr in the pair.

The Encore burr has truncated blunted crushing edges but the Preciso burr has sharp cutting edges. Quite a clear difference just looking at them.

The swap was a little more work than it should've been but that's because I modded this thing years ago and it was a challenge loosening the gear nut that I had over tightened. But for a stock Encore, shouldn't be a big deal. Follow the YouTube video on upgrading to the Gearbox 2.0 and just skim over the gearbox stuff.

To be honest, I ended up removing the old burr without disassembling the drive shaft from the gear because I had tightened it too much the last time and couldn't loosen it.

On quick visual, seems like better grinds with fewer fines.

Others have done it... Google is your friend.

No pix... Was an evening upgrade job I did before sending the grinder off to my second home in someone's backpack.

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