Baratza 270wi - Display "blinks" every 10 seconds

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HelpHelpHelp!! NoCoffee!! HelpHelpHelp!!

I ran a clean cycle on my espresso machine this morning and took the opportunity to run a cap full of Urnex Grindz go1 cleaning tablets through the grinder. Afterwards I removed the hopper and wiped it down with a clean, dry rag.

When I twisted the hopper back into the grinder, I noticed that it wouldn't turn back on properly. That is, the display sort of blinks on for less than a second then disappears again. It does this roughly every 10 seconds and keeps on blinking for as long as it's plugged in.

Any idea what could be going on here?


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1. The hopper is inserted incorrectly, and the safety contact is not closed.
2. Something got into the safety contact prevents it from closing.

mikegray (original poster)

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Heya, thanks for the input!

I'm pretty sure that I'm good on that count - I watched the trouble shooting video on Barataza's website, and the hopper makes its click when I shut it. Also: I ALSO get the blinking effect when the hopper isn't installed.

I opened up the machine for a closer look, and it looks to me like the fuse is shot. (link below.) It looks like I need to find a 220v replacement. I've sourced a couple local 250v 2A 5x20mm fuses, but I'm not sure whether the machine needs something more special than that ...


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Strange, if the fuse is blown, then nothing should blink.

mikegray (original poster)

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Back again. So I picked up a 20mm x 5mm 2A 250v fuse at the local hardware store and rebuilt the grinder with the new fuse.

Good news: The display turned on again.

Bad news: When I tried to run the grinder, the new fuse blew immediately.

I had a closer look at the grinder and I realized that something seemed to be stuck in the grinding mechanism. After tearing down the burrs I found a piece of plastic, thoroughly mangled - and it looks like it was blocking the grinder. As I cleaned up the area around the grinder, I discovered a second, similar piece of plastic. It looks very much like these two pieces must have broken off the hopper, and one of them fell into the grinding mechanism - only I don't have CLUE where they come from!

(The grey-clear color is identical to the hopper, so must be from there - but I don't see any sign of a break point. I've attached a picture of the piece that WASN'T stuck in the grinder!)

In any case, I replaced the fuse again, thoroughly cleaned the grinding mechanism, re-built the grinder, put in the hopper and tried grinding. The fuse didn't blow this time. but now, it's like the grinder THINKS it's grinding only it isn't actually. I've uploaded a video to youtube.
My best guess is that I bungled the repair. What WAS a blown fuse is now a burned out motor. What do you think?


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These are the wreckage of the bunker.
You turned the key that closed the bunker in the wrong direction and broke the mechanism.
the break point where the key enters the bunker.


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From this position, the key can only be turned clockwise 180 degrees. The hopper will move to the open position. To close the hopper later, turn the key counterclockwise 180 degrees.
Any other actions lead to breakdown of the mechanism and the appearance of fragments.

mikegray (original poster)

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Huh, interesting.

I reached a tech guy from Baratza, and he didn't think that's what it was, said he couldn't identify the plastic pieces - though they must have come from somewhere. In any case, the key still stops where it should, has a 180° range of motion.

In any case, the Baratza tech identified the problem: While changing the fuse was the right move, I hadn't re-inserted the burr unit correctly. Once I got it twisted in correctly, everything was fine!


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Take a flashlight and examine the entry points of the key to the bunker. There are fastening elements similar to clothespins, in your photo there is a half of this clothespin. Alternatively, buy a new bunker, turn the key 360° and you will have the same fragments in your hands.