Ascaso I-Mini I2: my changes and experience so far

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I recently got I-mini as my first espresso grinder after reading some of the posts here and I found them extremely helpful. So, I wanted to return the favour and share my experience so far and changes I made to make the grinder work for me.

Things I found:
  • Consistency of the grind is excellent, although clumpy

    Retention is on the high side, 10g single dose on average yields 7.5g

    Porter filter prongs are not the best, I prefer to grind in a dosing cup
Things I did to fix some of the issues for me:
  • WDT is essential with this grinder.

    I bought a baster from dollar store, cut off the excess tube to make it fit in the grinder. After a grinder I use my so called bellows after about 3 pumps my yield is 9.5g from 10g dose. Much better than 7.5g I was getting before.

    Removed the prongs to fit a dosing cup. Doing cup is from dollar store as well.
Pictures of my current setup: