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Well there is also this for ghost burr

A handheld ghost burr..... but I myself instead of putting the ghost burr as a sub-category of flat... I rather put it more closer to a 3rd category of burr due to differences of how it works.

anyways..... I dont have a ghost burr to compare that to, and I dont have the $ to spare being i need to build up my basic gear.

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^^^ That manual ghost burr grinder is kind of a trip. Just me, or do its burrs seem to have noticeably fewer (and smaller) teeth than Apex or Fuji?
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yea it is a lot less, but it is also around 20-25mm smaller being its a 48" handgrinder. They might had wanted to copy the height size of the teeth.

In comparison the R-440 is way more teeth than the Apex/R-220.

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I think those burrs are much smaller than the Apex burrs, seen here: