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#451: Post by spressomon »

Be on guard...after pouring the grounds from this morning's grinding for espresso and stirring in the basket for same, using my Arco, I found this bottom burr retainer cover plate. I guess the adhesive they used wasn't up to the task...

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#452: Post by renatoa »

Mine came off since first touch, while unboxing, before any grinding.
Using without since then, not a big trouble.


#453: Post by renatoa »

Disappointed to see the typical Black Friday hoax used by goat too... :(
25% "discount", after increasing prices by same percent... the combo was 430, now is 550, manual is 250, from 195.


#454: Post by heytchap replying to renatoa »

seems like a last-chance offer to "let" people get the grinder at the old price paired with a sense of urgency before people are locked into the raised price.

imagine if they offered 25% off the 430 price and sold them at $322 - that might have upset some backers.


#455: Post by renatoa »

The backers paid 250-290-330 Euro, for the three waves of bidding.
Even for the late bidders, with 330 Euro, means less than $322, if you subtract the 20% VAT.

Actually, there IS a small gain for the buyer :)
The final price is 412.50 instead 430... and proportional for the manual grinder only... oh, well... :oops:


#456: Post by heytchap »

Just checked - I paid €303, so whatever that worked out to at the time.

Still, the rate is fair. We got it cheap because we took a risk.


#457: Post by renatoa »

Project over on KS, no more deliveries ! ... ts/3675419


#458: Post by janiugrin »

Hi guys,
I have just received my grinder and after pluging it the wall and turning it on I was shocked how loud is it. I feel like it's going to wake up everyone in the flat. Thinking about selling it. Any possible buyers?


#459: Post by renatoa »

No vacuum cleaning in that flat ? :? Not much louder... in the 80 dB ballpark both.

Also, if very early in the morning, you can grind manually. How many other machines on the market offer this flexibility ?


#460: Post by LObin replying to renatoa »

I share your opinion.

That's exactly what I've been doing when the rest of the household is asleep. I actually quite enjoy the manual grinding. The electric base eases the workflow when needed. Like you said, it's a unique grinder. Sound could have easily been more pleasant to the ear (lower rpm maybe?) but there are plenty of pluses to the Arco to negate the few minuses in my opinion.
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