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#41: Post by renatoa »

For a generic manual grinder the best grip point is where the thumb and middle finger tighten around the lower bearing support.
There apply the whole handle force.
Possible for this grinder this point to be right above the adjustment ring... just a guess.

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#42: Post by DamianWarS »

dcoplan wrote:That being said, all I care about is...

1) Quality grinder that will last a lifetime without issue.



that first one might be a tad bit too high.

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#43: Post by renatoa »

A video from Peter, with a lot of answers:

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#44: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Very informative video. Has anyone seen reference to the diameter of the grind chamber where they indicate he will hold it. And if you're knowledgeable, how does that compare to other hand grinders?
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#45: Post by renatoa »

You can see in the KS page project presentation video, at 1:35, the collecting canister fit in a portafilter, so we can assume it is 58 mm.
Same for the grip area above the adjustment ring, it seems to be in line with collecting canister.
Also, in many places is stated the grinder diameter as being 60 mm, so we can guess this is the size in adjustment ring area.

Kinu and Feldgrind, other two grinders I have/had in hands, are both 50 mm, to compare.


#46: Post by luvmy40 »

I got an email from KS today Re: add ons to the original promo. Customizing the dock and/or adding a travel case for the hand grinder.

I could not seem to figure out how to add the travel case to my reward . Anyone here have any success(or interest) in this?

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#47: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz » replying to luvmy40 »

Yes go to "manage my pledge". You have to confirm your original selection by being logged in, then you move to the next step of add-ons.
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#48: Post by luvmy40 » replying to CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Figured it out, Thanks!


#49: Post by renatoa »

Another video, less technical, more action
What I noticed from the first seconds... it is indeed a thick grinder, not easy for everyone to grasp...


#50: Post by malling »

The grinder looks more and more to be tuned for espresso, the finer steps in microns and now talk of even smaller steps on the kickstarter page. On top the use of Italmill burrs that produce somewhat larger fraction of fine particles (why some companies now offer a secondary burr set, or use it in grinders specifically designed for espresso use) make me rethink my stand on it, so mighty just cancel my pledge, especially as I already owned a handgrinder before that used that specific burrset and it didn't deliver nearly as good brews as the Comandante and other handgrinders with none Italmill burrs.

I don't really do espresso anymore, so a secondary/travel grinder that looks more and more like it's tuned for that seems to be the wrong way to go.

I never have grasped why so many manufacturers are so fixed on the idea that a handgrinder should be capable of grinding for espresso. How many of the owners or potential owners are actually using a hand grinder for that, how many are actually doing espresso outside the home or office? I'll bet on that it's a minority. Most users who uses handgrinders are mainly using it for brewed and a very fine meshed setting is really annoying for brewed, just like stepless adjustment is, Italmill burrs ain't making it any better. Unless you travel with a car, van etc. espresso on the go is a hassle, most people drop it of that reason making it mostly a selling point rather than a useful feature.

I think they should offer a secondary burrset or more brew specific grinder for those who don't do espresso.

Might just go the Comandante or 1zpresso K rute as it seems to be a better and superior solution for brewed.