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#201: Post by happycat »

fiu-bździu wrote:I'm considering buying an electric SD grinder.
The primary use would be espresso but I may use it with other brew methods as well.

For me the big selling points of this is:
* that when I care I can grind really quietly
* that it can double as a travel grinder

but neither is really critical for me. I want a fairly good SD grinder, that's my main concern.

I see that Arco Goat comes at similar price point to G-Iota which from my preliminary reading seems good for the price but that there are significantly better options once the budget is raised. How does this compare?
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#202: Post by fiu-bździu » replying to happycat »

Thanks for the suggestion.
I really feel overwhelmed by the about of information and I welcome advises like that. I will follow it.

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#203: Post by renatoa »

More sugar coating... this time about the burrs :D ... ts/3245499

You asked for frequently updates... no problem, we are served :)

Just a notice for newcomers about all technicals described in the post: everything you read there is absolutely normal, and average level, nothing is outstanding or top. Italmill is a burrs supplier for a lot of other brands, and black oxide coating is used in other grinders for long time, don't increase the price significantly, but brings a lot of advantages, as I found comparing Feldgrind (coated) with Kinu (uncoated) same 38 mm size.
It's completely other thing than titanium (nitride) coating you read about SSP burrs, those are yellow/red.


#204: Post by Getgoodatcoffee »

so I refunded my Arco contribution on Indiegogo a while back, and just ordered a Commandante instead. I hope I made the right decision..


#205: Post by jevenator » replying to Getgoodatcoffee »

Where did you find a Commandante in the US?


#206: Post by Getgoodatcoffee »

I got mine from Black White Roasters, which actually came yesterday afternoon. From time to time, they have a restock on it. The only thing is that it is marked up $50 from retail price, and their logo is printed onto the grinder as well.

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#207: Post by Chrikelnel » replying to Getgoodatcoffee »

That might just be what they go for these days, specialtyturkishcoffee recently raised their prices on them as well

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#208: Post by fiu-bździu »

Thinking about this burr-engine separation and the taste difference between flat and conical burrs...
in principle, would it make sense to create a single driver that could switch between flats and conicals?
To a newbie like me it looks like something that could be a way to reduce the price and counter space.

I recognize that they have different rotational speeds but I guess there would be several ways to solve it.


#209: Post by renatoa »

New post about the progress from today: ... ts/3256417

I like that big empty space under the motor, plenty for a variable speed controller, the first mod I intend for mine when it comes.

About the EMI thing, I don't know why this detail deserve such highlights... :? it's a mandatory test for any appliance manufactured in EU, in order to obtain the CE mark, equivalent of FCC in US.
But hey, we the people requested more frequent updates... :D

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#210: Post by spressomon »

I'm a backer of the Arco, but growing more and more disappointed by the lack of transparency and updates regarding the manufacturing and fulfillment process/timeline. I've backed many different projects over the years: Frequent updates = Credibility.
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