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#191: Post by heytchap »

renatoa wrote:Delayed to October... relieved now ? :)
Yes. I don't think there should have been a month gap between their last communication and this one.

I think they should have a regular update cadence and keep their backers informed, even if the update is "things are cool. no real update at the moment."


#192: Post by Swoz »

renatoa wrote:Handling what... are you involved in anything that means manufacturing ?
There is an enormous shortage of anything... not only chips, the news that make headlines usually.
Just an example in our field: out of Aeropress gasket/seals worldwide !
So I understand Arco team perfectly.
It's not the manufacturing side, I'm fine with waiting, that's expected.
I think I'm more butthurt with the PR team and their failure to manage expectations.

On the indiegogo page, 20 days ago, they replied to someone asking about shipping times.
"Hi there, the timeline is in June but we might push that a bit until end of June or beginning of July. Cheers"
Did they not know that they would be delayed 4+ months?

They announced this recent announcement would be coming 3 weeks ago, and kept pushing back until today.

I tried to go back and get some screenies on IG, but they deleted some of the comments.
Also funny that they left a comment saying "we're trying to be as transparent as possible"

So I guess it's just their sh**ty PR team that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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#193: Post by heytchap » replying to Swoz »

The grinder will be very cool when it's released. For now, there's no real point driving yourself mad looking for updates and news all the time. You will definitely get a product and Goat Story is an established brand that we can trust.

Ive been wondering if they're pushing these other, possibly cheaper products to drive cash flow for their other projects like Arco? Not sure. We don't have insider info but something like that could make sense.

Also, there are material shortages at the moment, cost overruns everywhere, chip shortages, etc. I have no problem waiting for some of these supply chain issues to flatten out a bit and am more than understanding about it all - I just wish GS would update us more frequently instead of letting people boil over.


#194: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

I personally am not worried about getting the grinder, i'd just like to know when. I mean, before they said end of June, so my mind went to July. I think an established company with production lines knows that there are delays globally already and have been established months ago, so why not set expectations to be August, September and if you exceed everything thinks you are grand. TBH, people are just looking for info, whether it is 1 or 2 lines. That is it.


#195: Post by renatoa »

For anyone who want a bit of consolation, the development of Kinu lasted more than one year, from April 2015 to May 2016, when they make the announcement of availability for purchase in a local forum, and the first units actual delivery date was been August 2016 for some selected users, and for general public Jan 2017 :)

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#196: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Curious though why Arco hasn't updated the Kickstarter page for their new delivery projection?
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#197: Post by wojtowip »

Hmm, I actually pulled the trigger on this one and than backed off. I think the addition of the silicon sleeve kind of points to a big design flaw of the hand grinder operation.

The JE Plus is 57mm wide and that already feels too thick to hold with a comfortable grip for me. This one says 61mm, so that would make it even less comfortable to hold. I'm sure it's a great grinder, but I thickness here is a bit of a deal breaker for me.
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#198: Post by spressomon »

61mm diameter barrel is going to be trouble for many folks to grip solidly & comfortably. My new OE Lido OG is 53mm, not counting the silicone "hopper" plug, and it fits my XL mitts perfectly. Having said that I did have and use the JE-Plus and it was OK but...61mm is a little different story IMO.
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#199: Post by HeartinaCup »

I was going to get myself a 1Zpresso JX Pro, n chanced upon this.

Love the idea that it has a small foot print and an option as a hand grinder. Most likely going ahead with it instead of 1Zpresso..

Just wondering if anyone noticed, on the video update with Arco's Head Roaster, when he was chatting with Luca, (around 5;00) he seemed to be struggling fixing the body/trunk back onto the electrical dock. Which also raise the question of the mechanism between the 'catch' or attachment between the dock and the body.

Considering the weight of the body n all the grinding, how the catch would hold up with wear and tear, ie, the durability?

In the video, the body seemed to be falling off n "loose"... any views on that or it is just me?



#200: Post by fiu-bździu »

I'm considering buying an electric SD grinder.
The primary use would be espresso but I may use it with other brew methods as well.

For me the big selling points of this is:
* that when I care I can grind really quietly
* that it can double as a travel grinder

but neither is really critical for me. I want a fairly good SD grinder, that's my main concern.

I see that Arco Goat comes at similar price point to G-Iota which from my preliminary reading seems good for the price but that there are significantly better options once the budget is raised. How does this compare?