Anyone with a Bunnzilla or non-Sweet 804 mind sharing a photo of the burrs from the side - I want to see the outfall

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I can find no pictures of the machined 804 burrs that show the burrs from the side. I want to see how tall the outer teeth are so I can tell if the burrs have a deep or shallow outfall.

Would someone with some mind taking a picture of the burrs from the side and posting it here?

Or if anyone knows of a site that has such pictures, please post the link.

Thanks for any help.

Acavia (original poster)

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In case anyone else is wondering. Prima Coffee sent me some photos of the 804 machined burrs from the side.

Acavia (original poster)

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While 805 burrs, I assume the same as 804. Based on those pictures, they seem to be deep outfalls and with the wave shape to them, versus a a ramp-and-cliff edge on many other burrs with deep outfall, they likely have an even bigger opening, so I assume little fines are produced, at least at the cutting edges. So emphasis on clarity?

Others agree?