Any Ditting Lab Sweet owners want to test all the burrs? Pics of 4 burr sets - Page 3

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@Acavia good point! Tho I love the build quality of them niche grinders. Thanks for shining the light on an interesting point of view!
@Coffee_Me thanks for sharing your findings so far. I'm in no hurry and I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Would be amazing if you had the blue bottle dripper too but that's a stretch! Thanks for contributing to the community.
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Hey any progress on this one? Super keen to hear the results :D


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Wonder if anyone has extensively tested the 80mm SSP "Low" burrs against these ditting options. I have a set for my KF804 but plan to sell that grinder.


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Can't wait to see the result
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Hey any updates on this yet? I'd love to see what your impression is!

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Any updates on this comparison? :D
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I'm also interested in this comparison. I have a KF804 with almost unused original cast iron burrs. I wonder if the new burrs would be an upgrade but it already beats my 1203 and Versalab or anything else I have or tested.


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Posting to follow updates.


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I have just purchased a second hand kr804 which I'm going to modify to single dosing and install lab sweet burrs.

Regarding the lab sweet burrs have you purchased them directly from Ditting or via the local agent?

With the help of a dial gauge I have measured the run out of the rotating seat/disc to be 0,03mm. Same runout is measured with the 275307 filter burrs. Is this viewed as acceptable for a 80mm burr?


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I had Ditting USA, now Prima Coffee, switch out the burrs when I bought a demonstration KR804.