Any Ceado E37SD owner/user here?

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#1: Post by leonelbego »

does anyone here owns already the Ceado E37SD model? if yes, would you please be so kind in giving me your thoughts? pros? cons? are you happy? etc

a million thanks

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#2: Post by iploya »

Leonel, check out this video review of the SD.
He discusses retention and shows an inside view of the burr chamber, which shows it to be relatively free of retained grounds. That said, I don't put too much stock in the simple comparison of grams in to grams out because it does not provide any useful info about how much coffee is exchanged (i.e. if I put 18g in and get 18g out how much of the 18g out is previously-retained grounds). The bellows feature DOES seem like a significant difference from the regular 37S as it presumably helps blow out the retained grounds.

Also, look about 3 threads down for an extended discussion thread on this model created around the time of the early 2019 product announcement.


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Hi :) thank you very much!

Thank you for the link, I have seen that video before but it is a retailer review, so they are always "trying to sell" and I would have wanted to hear a feedback or comments from an individual that owns it and can give a subjective feedback :)

Yes, I think the bellows definitely will help taking some of the coffee out and avoids retaining coffee inside the chamber.

Thank you again