Aluminum dosing mod for Mazzer grinders

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Hey guys,

Been a while since I've been on, and I've put off making this mod because of too many exams! Anywho I did the original mod using the template that's online (I can not give credit to who made this because I forgot - and the template is no longer online where I originally found it...I have the pdf if anyone needs). I did this mod with paper, and found the distribution obviously to be 100x better than an un-moded SJ but still not too great. It's spread about quite a bit and depending on the weather, it was very staticky. There was always static, just more sometimes. I needed to tap it to make sure all coffee grounds pass through.

Template (sorry I don't have the original I removed, but it looked disgusting and bent and filled with greasy smelly coffee grounds :? ):

So I purchased a few sheets of aluminum and thought of trying this mod using those. Let's just say that the aluminum was the thinnest I could find (0.02''), and was still a pain in the *** to cut.

I ended up not using the 2 wings on the side, as it stayed in place fine without them, and even then the doser does not fully screw back. Either way though, the distribution shoots down into the portafilter in a very predictable manner, and very consistently. Obviously it's not straight down, but it can't be anyways because of the doser design. The cutting is not perfect, but it works well!


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GewoW wrote:...the template is no longer online where I originally found it.
It's mentioned in Elvinator Mazzer Mod and is still available for download here.
Dan Kehn

GewoW (original poster)

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Perfect - thanks.