The Alicorn: Achieving Precision Alignment with the Baratza Forté/Vario - Page 39

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Perhaps you just need to tighten the calibration screw that you can access through the small hole above the grounds bin?

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I figured it out, the bottom burr carrier has a ring void for alignment and mounting. this void was so jammed full of coffee that it was polished and looked like an o-ring convincingly enough that I never gave it a second thought. Until I started examing it and wonder why it needs an o-ring. After taking a screwdriver to it I realized it was coffee, it's all cleaned up now and the burrs now sit a few mm lower. the issue before is that it probably sat too high that the wedge never came in contact with it to push it up. I feel foolish for not recognizing it has coffee to begin with, the burr sat so high that there was no space between the upper/lower burr and the arms didn't adjust it. At least now when I play with the arms I see the burr raise and lower, I'm not sure how it worked before I took it apart and there must have been some burr travel, and taking it apart must have made it worse.