Advice on a motorizing a Kinu M47

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Not needing to do so yet but wondering if I could use an old Rocky Rancilio somehow to make this mod?


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That would be very complicated for very few advantage. If motorizing a manual grinder is in your plans, the simplest if probably to start from a small drill.


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The motor coupling is the most difficult part with the Kinu. You might be able to reuse the Rocky motor, but you will still need to figure out how to couple the grinder to it. This is how I motorized mine.


#4: Post by LObin »

Sell the Kinu and get a Goat Story Arco?
The burr set is pretty much identical after all.
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I have thought about doing just this, but the alignment system of a Kinu m47 classic and the Arco is not the same. The Kinu m47 classic has a Morse taper which almost guarantees critical alignment.


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The Morse taper fit is between the cross piece frame and the body, not the spindle, which is a straight walled cylinder riding in straight walled ball bearing races. It helps a bit centering the cross frame but doesn't guarantee burr alignment in the same way Morse taper fit chuck spindles do in lathes.

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#7: Post by TigerStripes »

I made a motor stand for my kinu. If you search my posts, you'll find my build thread for it.
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#8: Post by Ken5 »

Very nice Evan!

Interesting grind pattern in the basket! Guess it make perfect sense, just never saw that when grinding by hand with my Kinu, most likely due to normal shaking of the grinder during normal operation.

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#9: Post by TigerStripes replying to Ken5 »

Thanks Ken. I also have a sette 270wi and that grinds a similar pattern into the basket, although the kinu grinds seem "fluffier". Not sure it makes a difference. Both make good espresso. :)
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Evan, that is very impressive!