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very cool. you are a CRASFTSMAN


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I made several motors for the Kinu manual grinder. You can get inspired from here:
Kinu M47 motorized
or from here:
Kinu M47 motorized


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Pressino wrote:The Morse taper fit is between the cross piece frame and the body, not the spindle, which is a straight walled cylinder riding in straight walled ball bearing races. It helps a bit centering the cross frame but doesn't guarantee burr alignment in the same way Morse taper fit chuck spindles do in lathes.
My experience is you still have to center a chuck with a dial indicator and some Hammer blows, even on a tapered spindle... For best alignment

My m47 got knocked off the counter once and was knocked out of alignment. The burr started rubbing at zero. As heavy made as it is for what it is it's still not indestructible. Changing the Burr drive peg to a different hole in the Burr got rid of that. I would not spend the money on one with an aluminum body it would be subject to serious deformation from a drop or something


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I'm posting some photos of the last motorizing built by me for the Kinu manual grinder:


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The endless talent and ingenuity of this community never ceases to amaze me. Very impressive!


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A short video with the operation of the motorization:


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Rotation speed adjustment:


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Another video with the adjustment of the rotation speed: