Adding fine adjustment to Fellow Ode

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So I was a little bored and decided to add a fine adjustment mechanism to my Ode. Inspiration for this comes from Adding fine adjustment screw to Bunn/update. I don't have access to a drill press or other metal working tools so I made due with an alternative approach to get something workable. The main part here is the micrometer which allows fine adjustment. The rest of the parts are simply some bushings, stainless dowels, bearing, a 3D printed holder and some cosmetic parts:

In addition to having fine and stepless adjustment I can now go from burr touch to french press very easily. With the SSP Cast v2 burrs I was grinding for single cup v60 around 8 or 9. So no way to get to french press without recalibrating since the dial has a hard stop at 11.

Still testing and seasoning the burrs. Will try some espresso soon...