98mm single dosing grinder with 1000w motor for a third of the price?

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What do you think of this grinder?
The reviewer seems to have had a very positive experience with it and it and it is said to have almost no retention Over on alibaba, it is going for around $800+ which is unparalleled for a 98mm single dosing grinder.

I am wondering if this grinder can be the 98mm version of what the df64 is for 64mm - only hopefully better and mot tequirong any mods to make it so....

Does anybody here have any experience with this grinder?
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Looks to be a well done clone. I'm not a fan of clones in general for respect to the original manufacturer. I don't care for how they cloned it identically even down to aesthetics. They could have taken cues from how the machine works internally and designed their own aesthetic but instead they meticulously copied every detail of the original. I find that disappointing.

Would it work well? Probably. The original is well respected for a reason. Just comes down to how good of a copy they can make and if one wants to support a manufacturer that can't come up with an original design.

I feel like the guy in the video was already in love with it before he opened the box so it was hard to get much from his review. He was enjoyable to watch though.

As with everything on alibaba, it may be $850 but then you have to pay shipping and duty (just over the $800 limit for duty.) I wouldn't be surprised if you end up paying a final price of $1100+ by the time it is to your door. Still a bargain compared to a real EK43S but that is quite a bit for a Chinese clone...

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Thanks for your thoughs on that grinder. I also would have preferred it for them to build their own design entirely. I also agree that the tax on the importation of this machine would certainly increase the price - thoigh it would still compare very favourably to e.g. the df83 given thar it is 26kg of mpstly aluminium chassis. Unfortunately there is no other budget alternative to the established players in the 98mm flat burr category at this stage AFAIK...
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That video was kinda entertaining.

It is criminal how much of a clone that is. On the flip side the price for a real EK is pretty ridiculous.

I haven't used an EK before. Based on videos I've seen, this clone seems to have surprisingly good espresso range. I wonder how the range compares to the real EK43 when both have the same burrs.

Anyone have a link? I see this as the ITOP 98mm grinder on aliexpress. I think it's the same.

I also snapped this screenshot of the label from the video.

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I believe that the perfex 550 s comes in at least one other brand though its made by the same factory.

I think you are most likely correct in your theory that the apparent wider range for espresso could be due to the burrs. The mahlkonig ek43 has a decidedly different take on espresso due to its burrs in large part so if the burrs used are more of the traditional Italian espresso type burrs, perhaps the sheer size of the burrs can still impart relatively greater clarity while still retaining a lot of body and mouthfeel? No way of knowing without trying it out, which is why I was hoping someone here has taken a punt on it...
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some comparison and internals.
long video.
its in korean btw.

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Ty for the link.

Advertised as 2500rpm, so I guess it's a DC motor.

More efficient but less watts per revolution. All and all probably 2/3rds as good as the real EK, but looks like great value for the price.

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iyayy wrote:some comparison and internals.
long video.
its in korean btw.
Thanks for the link. If u understand Korean, would you kindly share with us what was the conclusion of the reviewer? It seems from the comments to the YouTube video, the reviewer thinks it is a very close copy of the ek43 and that it is good for its price. Another person who commented seems to say that the taste of the coffee it grinds is less clean and has more body than the ek43.
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The flat surfaces seem to extend further in the copy's burrs. That and a much higher RPM (unless it slows down under load) probably means smaller particles and fines. After shipping and taxes it's about 2/3 the price of the real thing in my country at least. Doesn't seem like a bargain, ethics aside.

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It's big and the motor is loud. I think people buy it for commercial use because it's quick. For those with plenty of room at home and don't mind the noise, then maybe. If the performance is close to Mahlkonig Ek43, then you may want to watch the following videos.