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In my opinion, each of us has an opportunity to stop it.... If demand stops, offer will stop, no reason to manufacture a copy of something one is unable to sell. No matter how cheap the price to build is...

Capuchin Monk

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That would work only if there are more of us than others who are bargain hunters. Somehow I get the feeling that non-bargain hunters are in the minority.


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Perhaps you are right... this kills innovation, R&D and product improvement.... This way id doom to fail us all and limit espresso improvements.

Capuchin Monk

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For something like this to have any hope, the international intellectual property rights would need to be enforced. It won't be simple. Possibly cost more to enforce it than the loss of profit.
Idfixe wrote:This way id doom to fail us all and limit espresso improvements.
If the government deems that improving espresso is its top priority, then it may pursuit the enforcement of such rights. I'm pretty sure that there are tons of other subjects waiting in line to become the government's top priority. :idea:


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it also dooms us with old tech and 0 innovations since manufacturers are protected by lawsuit.

just look at europe and commandante vs 1z.
still no visible external settings adjustment.
and definitely just new body color every year for the next half decade, with additional premium because its new model and r&d for new color costs a lot..