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The USA's special tariff of 25% is still in place. However, I don't read about individual importers being assessed - only larger imports, like Prima bringing in Option-O grinders.
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It's just a case of made in EU products being cheaper in the EU. Both Chinese and US products are more expensive instead. So Perfex can absolutely be a better deal elsewhere.
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I'll let you know how it is when it arrives :D

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Thanks for taking one for the team! :D looking forward to the review on how it goes...
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uncola wrote:I'll let you know how it is when it arrives :D
Curious if you received this grinder yet.

I saw prices jump from $750usd all in on aliexpress, to $1100usd recently.

I found this on Alibaba, but I can't find the grinder on Taobao. I looked at using the Perfex model number "NCG-550". I also checked against the "C98pro/C98proD". I'm interested to know what the prices are on there, incase using a Taobao agent could save me money.


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Clones may be well made, that being said, that a company uses all R&D from a company and sell it is just wrong.
I will not encourage this, it kills companies that invest to push boundaries and innovate.

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Idfixe wrote:that a company uses all R&D from a company and sell it is just wrong.
But who's going to stop them?


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same way how being closer to china, i've already seen china made level tmap, rotating distributor tools, rotating needles, etc before name brands like pesado nomcore force etc came into picture.. the originals, never got the recognition, but whos stopping it?

i do feel niche deserves the credits for dosing funnel tho.

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We are, if you don't buy then there is no incentive.
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I could be completely wrong on this but aren't Normcore and Force Chinese companies?