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SW is for sweet. Denis emailed me when I asked and said the intent of the SSW burrs is to pull more sweetness from light roast coffees.

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malling wrote:I think it's okay overall for Kafatek as that's what he call them and it is for most part obvious and his naming is far more logical well except the SW that kinda odd make no sense.

MD > Medium Dark
LM > Light Medium
SW > ???
CR > Coarse

SSP is a mess in comparison
HU (high uniformity)
MP V1 (multipurpose brew)
MP V2 (multipurpose)
LU (Low uniformity)
BP (Brew)
LS V2 (Lab Sweet brew)
LS V3 (Lab Sweet Espresso)
UM ( Unimodal)
Pre2015 Cast burr
Ultra/ ULF (Ultra low fines)

What worse is any name is entirely dependent on the burr size what it means HU can be everything from modern take on traditional espresso burr to a brew specific burr a complete mess, Multipurpose (MP) are on other (Mahlkonig) called Unimodal (UM) so if some are confused they can just sign up they aren't alone
That's a great summary! There are also generational differences in the burrs themselves. I remember having two 98mm SSP LU sets side by side and having them not look similar at all! Emailing SSP, with the photos attached, will not help as well since they don't keep archives of past products, but I digress...

Yes, the SW stands for Sweet and that will be its primary focus at the cost of losing some of the versatility in the LM variant, which still makes the SW more capable than a majority of the offerings out there.