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Jonk wrote:Curious about what method you're referring to here: espresso, pour over or both? Asking because my experience with the (admittedly different) 64mm brew burrs matches for espresso, but the pour overs taste less ashy/roasty compared to more traditional burrs.
At the moment espresso, but it's the same with pour over. I got issues with overextraction either way. But it's also partly on my tastebuds they hate roasted flavors in coffee for some reason. So I guess most of my coffees are more or less a little underextracted

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EvanOz85 wrote:Just pre-ordered a P100 with the Brew burrs installed. Really looking forward to trying them out, and I hope they're as unique as everyone is saying.
Evan, what has your experience been with the brew burr in the p100? Have you been able to compare it to other?
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Still waiting on it. The pre-order was for mid/late January.