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For the record these new 98mm SSP Brew does not suffer being too sterile in my experience, I too have found some SSP burrs to be a little lacking, especially the original 64mm Brew, that could be just weirdly too clean at times. I think the 98mm Brew are at a good spot for brew on the axis of clarity/focus vs body and complexity, it's not lacking in any way to me after they got broken in.

I don't see Mahlkönig producing more Pre 15 coffee burrs so I'm glad I found something obtainable that delivers for filter, an improvement over stock EK burrs.


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Definitely worth noting that even the MK new coffee vs old coffee is actually a small difference from a machining and design perspective, an angle difference on the final stage that results in a tapering finishing section and smaller crushing teeth (the triangles at the edge). But that small grind difference amounts to a big result. And these SSP Brew burrs apply that exact same type of machining difference to their base HU design, so I definitely can see why they'd offer a pretty significant difference in the cup.

My experiences with SSP HU and ULF mirrored yours, for what it's worth. HU and LU to a lesser extent are clinical at times, sometimes offering clarity, but less body and sweetness yet somehow more astringency in spite of it. ULF were very bland, not a lot of clarity or complexity, mine made more fines than every other burr I've used in 98mm. Just made everything kinda "taste like coffee" in a very generic sense. The teeth of the ULF burrs are much more shallow than the Ditting 804 machined burrs that they're mimicking.


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kafatek coarse burrs are indeed now available, i chose them for my max preorder on 10/16. hopefully once some sets are in the wild, we can have comparisons to other 98mm options for filter brewing!


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I just want to correct a bit my early review of Ultra Low Fines burrs, after they have gotten many more kilos through them after I have used them for espresso they have cleaned up a bit more, in addition in the P100 at lower RPM setting they are also a tad more clear than in EK at higher speed. I have tried them more for filter recently mounted in both EK43S and P100.

I will stand by that they seem to have a little more blend/complexity/depth call it what you will than 98 Brew which seem a little more linear clinically clear. ULF also seem to have in addition a tad more texture/body/mouthfeel call it what you will.

But in P100 at lower speed after more break in they are clear enough showing off the beans characteristics, and I still really like them for 1:3 espresso.

Brew burrs I also like for both filter and espresso, but the more linear ultra clarity can make them make good beans really shine but also a little let down presentation of lesser beans. Also Brew with espresso show a little more variation in optimal ratio, where ULF almost any filter roast Wendelboe is 18:54 gram 20-30 secs depending on bean, where with Brew I have needed to cut some at 45g, some handle 50g and a few 54g in the cup from 18g dose. Also timing is a little faster, pressure decline fast, and I grind usually only 2 notches from zero (= 15 microns?)


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I want to jump in because I own an ek43s and I want to improve my grinder for espresso with the SSP HU burrs but at the same time try not to lose quality and taste in filter because I drink both regularly. I grind at the moment with the standard burrs and have problems for some roasts to grind fine enough (after calibration). so I know that none of the burrs mentioned are really good for filter but I am wondering if anyone can tell me if there is any difference in taste between the two burrs for filter: standard and HU? because if both are the same level I can go with the HU because it's a huge improvement for espresso.


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In case a helpful data point, like you I drink both filter and espresso (more the former than the latter) and with standard EK43 burrs (ie not Turkish) would often be grinding at or near chirp (e.g. 0 to 0.3 on the EK43S dial, with 0=a solid chirp) to get a 2:1 espresso. This was post shimming and with Titus rotating burr carrier.

I've now installed SSP Brewing burrs (and shimmed them) and am grinding around 0.8 to 1 for a 2:1 espresso.

I haven't noticed any drop in quality of taste in my filter brews, and espresso taste is improved, and I was always super happy with the filter brews with the EK burrs, though the espresso could taste under extracted at 2:1 ratio. So I am happy with the change though I would say at this stage (I've had the new burrs for only a few weeks) that, for me, it's probably not worth it for the filter brew quality alone.

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Ejquin wrote:... Regarding the Nautilus, Frank from Titus is offering the grinder with two options - what he think is the best 98mm option for espresso (SSP high uniformity) or what he thinks is best for filter (the SSP version of the pre-2015 EK). Their communication on the filter burrs has been that the burrs are "identical" or "replicas" of the pre-2015 burrs, which is probably why that article says that, but I reached out to SSP to verify and they told me that they are their version, i.e. modified, of the pre-2015.

I don't think Frank is trying to mislead anyone intentionally, I just think he is putting in what he believes is the best readily available 98mm filter burr, which he believes is the SSP pre-2015 EK version burr. He may not think the modification matters all that much, or doesn't wants to go through the process of having to describe the changes every time he lists the burr. It's easier just to say it's a version of the pre-2015 burr. ...
FWIW, I didn't specify any particular brew burrs, and my Nautilus (Dec 2021) came with Mahlkoenig "B" mold burrs (current EK43 production burrs) re-ground to pre-2015 geometry, i.e., not the SSP 'Pre2015' burrs.

(Mahlkoenig burrs have a mold casting identifier on the back of the burr - the identifier is part of the mold; SSP burrs do not have Mahlkoenig identifiers cast into them.)

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This is a reply to this post about EG1 Ultra burrs from this thread: 98mm Burrs for Brew
... and this one about outfall depths: 98mm Burrs for Brew

It's not about 98mm burrs, but thought it could be useful to share.

I was advised by both Hansung and the rep from Weber that the EG1 DB2 - or Ultra - burrs are identical to the SSP 80mm HU except without screw holes. Maybe that makes the difference... not sure.

Just put some in my 804, Here's a photo of the outfall gap at grind setting 3, where 1 is touch:

This is from the grinder chute - didn't want to take them out just for the photo. Interestingly, when compared to the photos put up a few pages back of outfall depths of 98mm burrs, these look more similar in depth of outfall and length of the flat sections to the 98LU than 98HU I think.


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From the 80mm I had I think so as well, from memory I think the depth was something of a tweener between what the 98HU and LU are. But I also think that if you had identical geometry and the only difference was burr sizes, the bigger burr will be more "aggressive" due to the longer grinding path. Or better put-for filter the bigger the burr the less aggressive the geometry needs to be, or in the 80mm case the smaller burr size combined with a not quite as aggressive (as 98mm HU) geometry is what makes them a little better at filter brewing.