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#161: Post by Eiern »

For the record these new 98mm SSP Brew does not suffer being too sterile in my experience, I too have found some SSP burrs to be a little lacking, especially the original 64mm Brew, that could be just weirdly too clean at times. I think the 98mm Brew are at a good spot for brew on the axis of clarity/focus vs body and complexity, it's not lacking in any way to me after they got broken in.

I don't see Mahlkönig producing more Pre 15 coffee burrs so I'm glad I found something obtainable that delivers for filter, an improvement over stock EK burrs.


#162: Post by franklin270h » replying to Eiern »

Definitely worth noting that even the MK new coffee vs old coffee is actually a small difference from a machining and design perspective, an angle difference on the final stage that results in a tapering finishing section and smaller crushing teeth (the triangles at the edge). But that small grind difference amounts to a big result. And these SSP Brew burrs apply that exact same type of machining difference to their base HU design, so I definitely can see why they'd offer a pretty significant difference in the cup.

My experiences with SSP HU and ULF mirrored yours, for what it's worth. HU and LU to a lesser extent are clinical at times, sometimes offering clarity, but less body and sweetness yet somehow more astringency in spite of it. ULF were very bland, not a lot of clarity or complexity, mine made more fines than every other burr I've used in 98mm. Just made everything kinda "taste like coffee" in a very generic sense. The teeth of the ULF burrs are much more shallow than the Ditting 804 machined burrs that they're mimicking.

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#163: Post by njw »

kafatek coarse burrs are indeed now available, i chose them for my max preorder on 10/16. hopefully once some sets are in the wild, we can have comparisons to other 98mm options for filter brewing!