80mm 'Boyt Super' Ditting burr

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I recently purchased the 80mm super-lattice (ceramic) coated steel Ditting/Mahlkoenig dual-screw burrs from fellow Home-Barista user jpboyt. James "Pat" Boyt is the owner of Boyt Enterprises and supplies loads of different burr offerings. What piqued my interest in these burrs was a desire to get away from the bimodal profile of the Ditting cast steel burrs. I love the casts for 1:14 punchy sweet filter coffee, old-school espresso, and not much else. This review: Ditting Lab Sweet vs Boyt Enterprise Burr Experience by user 'RusticR' got me very interested. He notices a more unimodal profile on the Boyt burrs as well as slower grinding and finds it to be most even between about 4-6 (450-600 microns) on the Ditting dial. He finally states:
So, I'm not saying that the Lab Sweet burrs are inferior, or bad in any way, but rather that they don't offer the clarity that a machined burr offers. Also I should mention that I'm running a set of these Boyt burrs in a BUNN MHG dual without any issues.

I can highly recommend these burrs!
High praise. The pricing on the Boyt burrs is also very nice compared to Ditting-made cast steel and machined burrs. My burrs are posted all the way over the Pacific successfully (customs took a great interest in them). It's been an interesting time lately so these are a little gift to myself. I've just finished doing up a banged-up second hand old Ditting KR804. I've run the Lab Sweet burrs through a few different brews and although they are indeed insanely sweet and forgiving, I'm after some more clear complexity that just bites a little differently. Basically a unimodal profile instead of a bimodal. The first cup I try to make is a 18g:37g fruity Colombian on a BDB. It chokes the machine at a 2.5 on the Ditting dial (~250 microns). When I do get the desired shot at about 22s, the grinder's set to 3.7. The cup is very, very full on. I've always wanted to experience espresso that still tasted nice at colder temps and these cups from the machined burrs is definitely doing it for me.

Physically, the Boyt burrs feel and look a lot more 'precise' compared to the Ditting casts. I have a pair of original 2007 Ditting cast burrs and they are way easier to align (when needed) compared to the newer pair of Ditting casts I got second-hand with the grinder. The newer casts have an outer ring on their back that sits proud of the rest of the burr, meaning there's less direct contact to the burr carrier which could maybe, maybe lead to more distortion or 'taco' effect if you're into that. I wonder if there's a correlation between burrs with 'perfectly' flat backs and easy alignment? Either way, I honestly can't taste a massive difference between the two sets of Ditting cast burrs. They're both "cherry ripe" burr sets if that makes sense. The Boyt burrs are more "lemon meringue".

Take that opinion with a massive grain of salt as everyone has different interpretations and different tastes. The physical evidence points to the Boyts being absolutely more unimodal in grind size. I honestly really enjoy them on light roast to medium espressos that change and have a lot of complexity as they cool down, and nice, clear filter coffees.

Ditting in progress

The current Ditting/Mahlkoenig cast burrs

A filter test cup

Boyt Super steel 80mm burrs

The nearly-finished Ditting. Working on a nice single-dose wood hopper.

The Ditting as it was listed before buying

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Neat. I have an 804 with machined burrs. It's pretty clear and acidic for espresso. Trying to learn to like it so I can get rid of some other grinders. There is also the "special steel" Ditting e80s burrset which have the same profile as the cast but are clearer.

Looks like your burrs are similar, superficially, to the stock machined burrs. Any idea how they compare with that?
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Awesome, I'm very close to buying these so it's great to hear a review. They sound like a good deal and a valid alternative to SSP

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I see you did a little chute mod with an elbow. Where did you source the elbow?
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I have Sweet burrs and the 804 machined. In future, anyone want to trade my machined 804 for these boyt burrs for a month to try?

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Which grinders can mount these burrs? I see two holes in the ones of the image above. Would they fit EG-1?
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You'd need the Ditting screws and ensure that the cap size fits the burr screw holes. There are threads in the carrier and I got the SSP HU/MP to fit in the EG-1 just fine.

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I have SSP low uniformity and LWW EOM (=base) for the EG-1 (v1). To try the high uniformity grind profile, these burrs (if they fit) or the Weber Ultra, with magnet mount, I think. You went with SSP HU/MP. Was that after trying the Weber Ultra?
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Weber Ultra are same as the SSP 80mm HU confirmed by a few posters here.

SSP confirmed it to me also in an email.

Me: (Context: I sent an email with a link to a video review of the SSP HU burrs to SSP when I asked this.) From that video the person said your 80mm High Uniformity is the same, but with screw holes, as the EG-1 Ultra-Low-Fines burrs Webber offers. That is what I am trying to confirm that your 80mm HU (with 2 screw holes) = Webber ultra (ULF) as far as grinding profile? And your 80mm HU would give a similar pour-over coffee profile to the Webber ULF?

SSP: yes, it is same one. it costs 350 USD including Fedex. Paypal is available.

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The elbow is a really basic stainless steel one. Tried a few copper ones I had around which worked just fine as well. Anything that you can jam over the rubber outlet on the Ditting will work fine. Couldn't bring myself to get rid of the rectangular snout piece even though it serves no real purpose beyond sweet, sweet industrial aesthetics.