3D printed cap for Kafatek Monolith MC4

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For those of you with an MC4, I designed and printed a cap for the grinder.

It can be printed with almost any material. While it can be printed with as little as 10% infill, using 40% gives a piece that has a nice heft to it.
Print it with the logo side down and no support is needed.

You can download the file here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4952765

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mdreuben (original poster)

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In this instance the logo was debossed a little deeper and an accent logo was printed and snapped into place.

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#3: Post by jrham12 »

Very nice! I printed a similar design in 85A TPU for my Lagom P64.

Looks like if you had a little more "squish" on the first layer the gaps would be filled in a bit more.



#4: Post by inzekt »

Nice one, thanks! Can you be so kind to upload the snap-in logo also? I'm struggling to remodel the insert in the STL to fit.


mdreuben (original poster)

#5: Post by mdreuben (original poster) »

Will do. I'll be able to post it in the next few days.

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#6: Post by iploya »

Do you guys have 3D printers at home, or do you use them at work?


#7: Post by jrham12 » replying to iploya »

Mine are at home... Yet another little side hobby I've picked up! :) I'm a Houstonian as well so I'd be happy to help drag you into the hobby as well!


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mdreuben (original poster)

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Denis has been kind enough to give me permission to create the MC4 cap with the Kafatek logo on it. I've posted the files for the cap (and filler if you'd like) on Thingiverse at this address: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5031200

You don't have to print the insert if you don't want to use it. It just snaps in. I'd suggest printing with at least 50% infill. It doesn't really take up that much more material and it gives a nice heft to the cap. Either PLA or PETG will be fine, and the color choices are up to you. This was printed using Prusament Galaxy Black. I won't be printing them for sale, but it's an easy print (top down) to either do yourself or send to a service.

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#9: Post by iploya »

jrham12 wrote:drag you into the hobby
Haha, thanks - I can't afford my existing hobbies!