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malling wrote:But the Gorilla can sit somewhere between the extremes being a big conical and big flat (bulk, brew burrs) it has typically still more clarity then conical but not nearly as much as brew/bulk specific designs.
Could you please indicate if this is based on experience actually comparing these, or if you are just applying generalisations.
bas wrote:Would it be okay to say the Gorilla is more like the SSP High Uniformity?
FWIW, my impression was that the 98mm gorilla gear burrs (I think they call them turkish burrs now) were quite different from 98mm SSP HU. The latter had more acidity and clarity of flavour, the former were more muddy.
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dsc106 wrote:Why all the hoopla about burrs then? The way people talk about it, you'd think it was night and day. But you're saying these burrs would be so close that I wouldn't even be able to reliably put a finger on a difference?
Because the nature of the internet is that people take things out of context. If you have a business, or if you have a lot of disposable income that you can devote to coffee, and you have optimised everything else, you will eventually come around to optimising burrs. Then you will discuss the burrs and you will write that X or Y is better or worse. You will write what is relevant to what you are exploring. You will not write the background information about everything else that you have optimised beforehand. You will write about X relative to Y, but you probably won't try to quantify the difference. So you will write I thought X was better than Y. Then the internet steps in and people will parrot it, take it out of context, extrapolate from it and elevate it to myth.

No one is saying that if you ditch burr X for burr Y, all of a sudden your coffee is going to taste great. But, equally, no one is saying that you need to have good technique and good coffee before it's even worth investigating it.

The nature of the coffee internet has proven that people will focus disproportionately highly on equipment, because it's somewhat easier to discuss things like boiler sizes, group head types, etc, than it is to try to describe taste. People have strong opinions on things like e61 vs saturated group, but most of them probably couldn't tell you the difference between castillo and caturra, yet I'd argue that knowing the latter will probably get you better coffee than knowing the former.

I already made this point further up; feel free to ignore it and deploy your money as you wish.
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I was only referring to 64 mm SSP HU vs 64 mm Gorilla. From what I can remember the 98 mm SSP is much different from the 64 mm HU regarding burr geometry and profile.

Pls correct me if I am wrong as I have only personal with the 64 mm SSP Multi-Purpose set...


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dsc106 wrote:<snip>


If 64mm SSP v2 MP is very similar to Gorilla Gear 64mm
And, If Gorilla Gear 64mm is very similar to Kinu
And, If Kinu is very similar to Niche
Then, SSP v2 MP is very similar to Niche

If SSP v2 MP is very similar to Commandante
And if Commandante vs Kinu are very similar
Then, Commandante is very similar to Niche, and thus, SSP v2 MP are very similar to Niche

I know these are just arbitrary numbers to describe a non quantifiable taste experience, I get that. I am just perplexed at how on one hand, people speak of very large differences in filter brew going from one grinder to another, but supposedly 3 very distinct burr sets will render cups so similar that unless I am doing a direct side by side I wouldn't even notice?
This is for filter, right?
why not the SSP unimodal/brew v1 rather than the v2 aka unimodal-espresso?