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Grinders are one of the keys to exceptional espresso. Discuss them here.
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Jonk wrote:Very interesting. Did you check the alignment on the Forté? I think the experience depends quite a bit on whether it's good or poor.
I left it untouched, weighed doing it but decided against it. My grinder before an EK was a BG, but this predates the alicorn thread. FWIW I'm less concerned with the positioning on the top three (BG, Apex, C40) than one might suspect. They're all slightly different impressions of basically the same end goal, I'm serious when I say that "upgrading" from a BG to the hand grinders is pointless-- anyone who has one of the three should rest easy


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Did you try the Lagom for espresso?

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I find the Lagom Unimodal nice for espresso at 1:3 ratios from light roast.

But the V60 brew I tried with it extracted well by the numbers (22,90%, a little higher than what I found optimal with my EK for these beans) the timing was right, good flow, but the brew was boring, litte sweetness, body or punch, it was clean but tasted a little underextracted sour/thin with some slight bitterness and astringency added. Brewed it with my EK this very morning and know this kenya is better than this, more sweetness and body and complexity with EK.

I have had similar experiences with other SSP burrs including resharpened EK cast burrs, too clean and weird/boring. I have not tried the low uniformity burrs, maybe those do add back in a little complexity to the party.

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Filter burrs from Kafatek are in the works


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Always good to see these posts and think about the points made. Having watched the MC4 video, and being the owner of a Titus with the DRM burr set, I have found it is the most forgiving grinder I have owner in terms of not producing a bad cup, this includes the MC1 kafatek, Ceado Hero, Titus Nautilus (SSP HU burrs) and Mythos.

My point was that in terms of this forgiveness I also think that the machine and brew method for espresso plays a part. I am fortunate enough to use a Slayer (and had many problems with the more unimodal burr sets and flow profile/bloom method of brewing with it) and using the Slayer pre brew/bloom approach I believe also provides a machine like forgiveness akin to that described for the MC4.

I am one of those people described that likes certain characteristics, for me I enjoy a degree of acidity, clearly not sour, at least not for me, but some acidity or brightness really enhances the experience, I find I have to consciously brew for that characteristic sometimes with the Slayer.

So hopefully this isn't off topic, but to support that each persons brew process should be a consideration when selecting a grinder, I think this was referred to when talking about immediately swopping burrs on a fellow Ode, what and how will you grind/brew and what is your goal.

anyway. Great series. Tipped me over the edge to the Titus, that was the best purchase I have made in my journey, I love the DRM burr set output character.