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I am interested in trying to get most of the way there for fraction of the cost. The fact that you said the Niche was in the top 2 for one of your spro tests so that is encouraging. I am wondering what some of these other grinders that are modded can do, ie ode with SSP or hyper align Vario/forte, etc... I am sure we can lend them to you

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Addressing questions raised so far.

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Apologies if this was addressed in one of the videos or elsewhere, Michael, but how are you ensuring that the burrs are broken in properly for the grinders you're comparing?
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I was wondering when the show would stop or at least be addressed regarding different and third party burrs always being best. It's understandable that a small start up company may not have the expertise or manufacturing capabilities to make their own burrs and require dedicated suppliers. The market has some long established grinder companies Mazzer and Mahlkonig come to mind that have decades of burr manufacturing experience that should not be considered inferior. Different isn't always better we have seen that it could be worse or at times just different. Believe some here on HB have been bejeweled by coatings and subsequent attractive colours. Mazzer Major E observation.
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I think it would be interesting to have a thread dedicated to burr swapping. To discuss both the theoretical side of it and actual experimentation etc.

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Wait five years.

Burrs are evolving quickly and preferences between them even faster. What works in stock European grinder X with nn micron misalignment isn't going to be the same as for grinder Y with mm alignment. Then are you talking horizontal burrs or vertical? Auger? Pre-crusher?

I'm of the opinion of any burrs you buy today will be obsolete in a few years, unless you get really lucky.

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Another entry, strong contender

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I have 2 DRM burr set grinders and have not been compelled to upgrade for 15 or so years. This is a full conical version of that instead of the conical to flat combo I have been using. May be interesting to compare the two.
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This is a cool concept. I wonder if they will revise the main burr to eliminate its pre breaking zone, kind of how the drms are.


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Thank you for another great video! Did you do RDT in this video?

Mostly I'm wondering how the static compares to the MC3 & Niche Zero without RDT. I'd love to have a simpler workflow, yet also understand if that's not possible yet.