2014 Olympia Moca Grinder

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#1: Post by JZY »

A video of the new 2014 Moca Grinder:

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#2: Post by bostonbuzz »

This looks much improved. The old design had a major flaw in extracting the grinds. If the retention is under a couple of grams I think they could have a winner. If it had Vario burrs or 64mm I think they could have a truly excellent product. Perhaps a 54mm grinder could equal a SJ if it was designed with exceptionally parallel and vertically aligned burrs?
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This looks great, I hope it becomes available for the US market. The grind adjustment knob on the side reminds me of this grinder; http://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/mahlko ... so-grinder

Wonder if Mahlkonig had any involvement?
If the quality of grind and price is on par with the Pro M , this could be a contender

Looks like it will be available in 120V in June 2014

http://www.facebook.com/CeriniCoffee/po ... 2124260778

More info on Olympia's FB page. it was even revealed back in October!

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Olympia- ... 6109351752
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Any idea what it will cost? It sure looks nice, but I can't help wonder if the usual Olympia cost will make it prohibitive.
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#5: Post by boar_d_laze »

The last generation of Olympia Moca Grinders weren't priced anything like Olympia espresso machines. If the past is a guide to the future, my guess is the coming generation will be priced somewhere in the $600 - $800; and grind about as well as a Lelit PL53 (which also has its grind adjustment on the side).

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#6: Post by PavoniMaster »

IIRC, the last/current Moca ( until this is released ) was about $1300

Cerini Coffe has really taken up the slack with representing Olympia in the US. It seems that OE has fallen off the map in this regard as they don't even list new Olympia products for sale on their website.
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#7: Post by Eastsideloco »

PavoniMaster wrote:It seems that OE has fallen off the map in this regard as they don't even list new Olympia products for sale on their website.
Orphan Espresso is no longer distributing Olympia OEM products. They discounted their remaining inventory in December. Cerini is the only US distributor of Olympia machines and OEM parts.


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I guess Olympia has to update their website and take OE off as US retailers.
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#9: Post by uscfroadie »

I'd guess it to be a metal bodied Pro M chassis with Vario motor and burrs. As for price, I'm guessing $1500-$1750 given the metal outer casing. Not saying it'll be worth anywhere near that price, just that it'll not be cheap or even reasonably priced. All a guess here, so let's hear your predictions.

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#10: Post by orphanespresso »

We notified Olympia that we were going to discontinue representation so we could devote ourselves to our hand grinder projects, and recommended a few different shops, including Cerini, as good candidates for representation. They chose Johnny at Cerini Coffee. Perhaps they've left us up on their site because we supply parts for the vintage machines... We still do a few assists on the old stuff for them too.