2 year update on RDT use

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#1: Post by weebit_nutty »

Any problems, for you long time RDT'rs?

Please only reply if you've actually inspected your burrs. I ask because most of us do not inspection our burrs very often, if at all.. RDT it seems is a relatively new practice dating back to Dec 2012.
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#2: Post by beer&mathematics »

Last week, I took apart my Pharos and I've been using RDT for almost a year. I just brushed the burrs with the OE brush and that's all I did.

No rust, no gunk, no problems 8)
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#3: Post by spressomon replying to beer&mathematics »

Same here...disassembled my Pharos a couple months ago and after 2-years of RDT there is zero evidence of rust on either burr.
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#4: Post by Eastsideloco »

I recently acquired Merle's [uscfroadie] HG One, and subsequently took it apart to clean the burrs, burr carrier, and funnel areas. There was no indication that 18 months of RDT had any effect on the burrs or other parts.

Here's the way I think about it: If hot soapy water can't cut coffee oils, what chance does a drop or two of cold water stand, especially when accompanied by 18 or 20 grams of coffee beans.

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#5: Post by bostonbuzz »

RDT on my robur burrs (home built grinder) and I have some noticeable blemishes. However, the burrs started looking funky before I installed them just from touching them so much. I washed them with soap and water and an abrasive sponge (drying QUICKLY thereafter). This got most of the signs of rust and coffee gunk off. The cutting surfaces are very shiny steel.

Now I have TiN coated burrs... :wink:
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#6: Post by TomC »

I took some shots of my HG-One's burrs (already shared in one thread somewhere). Minty fresh since day one. I use it on every single grinder. If I owned a Terranova modded grinder, I'd still do it. I think it keeps the burrs cleaner over time
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#7: Post by erik82 »

Been using RDT for about 18 months now and taken the lower burr off about 4 times for cleaning and it's still in perfect condition. No traces of the water on the burrs.

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#8: Post by mivanitsky »

No problems here, with HG-One since Jan 2013.

Using RDT most of that time. No rust. Made mud in the grinder once by using too much water.

Use a spritz from a small spray bottle.


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#9: Post by FotonDrv »

No problems with the HG-One 71 & 83mm burrs, Pharos, VL or the Kony, and yes, I take them all apart to clean them periodically and have not noticed any rust or pits in the burrs.

Spray bottle method of RDT.
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