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#351: Post by darrenho »

I've had my ZP6 for a couple weeks now, and have compared it to my Fellow Ode I with SSP burrs multiple times. With the nature of these two totally different grinders in design, I tried to obtain similar outputs of brew time using my V60 02 ceramic dripper during the taste comparison. My brew ratio was 1:15. (20g coffee : 300g water)
With the same beans, same water, same temperature (92-93C) and similar brew time, the coffee from ZP6 tasted more rounded, cleaner, less sour, a bit sweeter, almost like a spectrum with top and bottom cut off when compared to my Fellow Ode I with SSP burrs. The coffee from my Fellow Ode I with SSP burrs on the other hand tasted more flavorful, a bit sour and vibrant, and more fruity.
Just some simple comparison notes based on my limited experience.


#352: Post by marcoffee »

boren wrote:Great post Marc! Thanks for sharing.

Can you elaborate more on the recipe you're using with the Kalita Wave 155, what grind size setting you typically use and what TDS your aiming for?
If brewing just for myself I normally like brewing with 12-12.5g coffee to 200g water. TDS would probably be around 1.6-1.7. This TDS seems high at first but intensity wise it's probably around 1.4-1.55 with a C40.

The Tsubame 155 is different from other Kalita 155s in that it exhibits the lowest amount of partial bypass for any flat bottom dripper using the Kalita filters. Even with less partial bypass it's almost as fast as the Orea (which I find to work better with ~negotiated filters).

Recipe wise the pouring sort of goes like this:

0:00 - 40g then swirl
0:45 - 80g then swirl
1:15 - 40g then swirl
1:45 - 40g then swirl

These are all medium flow steady streams as close to the bed as possible in circles to churn the slurry, kinda like how you'd pour in a cupping.

Then tbt of 2:20-2:50 seem to be good depending on the coffee


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Around what Grind setting are you using for your brews?


#354: Post by Mike0 »

Any users experiencing a few crushed beans left over in the chamber? I never am able to grind all the beans, there is always some left over that isn't ground.

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#355: Post by Scheissami »

I have noticed that. I've gotten in the habit of shaking the grinder up/down after I'm done and giving the handle a few more turns; it's not uncommon to have a few beans remaining that subsequently get ground.


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You have to tilt it at the end and spin the handle around to make sure the chamber is clear of beans.


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Even so there might be some partially ground shards. Remove the handle and use your palm as a bellows, then spin or crank again. All part of the hand grinding ritual :wink:


#358: Post by learncoffee »

I have a different 1zpresso model, one of the K. I noticed that the spacing between the wall and the shaft for the burr may be too narrow for some of the larger beans. As a result, there were beans that could get stuck. I could not shake them loose using the methods mentioned above. The only way was to get a "stick", like a chopstick or skewer, to poke it. After grinding, I always do the following:
- Shake
- Tamp the top
- Look inside for stuck beans