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I start at 5 and then either go finer or coarser depending on my initial results.


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Guys, is it correct that one click on the ZP6 is 22 microns? I am around 4.2 for v60 with burrs touching at 0. This would mean more than 900 microns (42x22) which seems a bit high.


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Burr Gap from any 1Zpresso does not translate accurately to the actual grind size


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Which is true for all grinders and every brand. With flat burrs there's a more direct correlation between burr gap and grind size though (up to a point) while conical burrs have several angles which makes things more complex.

FWIW I use roughly a 1000-1650um vertical burr movement setting on my K-Max for V60 (actual burr gap is different). The size of the grinds is smaller.

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Burr gap is a number, grind size is a distribution that sorta-kinda scales with burr gap. On a conical, the change in burr gap will be related to the angle of the finishing section of the burrs. At one extreme the cone looks flat and it is one-to-one. At the other extreme the cone looks like a cylinder and the gap doesn't change at all as you move one up and down.


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Thanks guys! If you want to follow roaster's brew recipe, is there a good a way to replicate grind size of a different grinder say ODE or EK43 on ZP6?


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Not really. The closest thing is probably to try and hit a similar drawdown time and then adjust according to taste.. But there are so many factors usually not mentioned in a recipe, not only is it difficult to match grind size but things like paper filters, water, pouring kettle and so on will all affect the outcome. I think of recipes as rough guides only.


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Not super active on this forum but just wanted to share some of my notes and tips on the Zp6. For reference, I exclusively brew at home with lighter roasts. I'm critical of 'too light' where the coffee is practically baked or under-roasted. I enjoy brews at finer grind settings pushing extraction (normally at 22-23% EY, the Zp6 seems to handle brews above 24% EY without much or any astringency but most coffees/roasts aren't at their best form by then. I use Aquacode diluted to approximately 80ppm, a Kalita Tsubame 155, off-boil water most of the time, and both turbulent and laminar flow recipes depending on the coffee.

Pricing & positioning:

- The Zp6 Special is significantly cheaper to buy in Taiwan at TWD4280 or USD$138, if you're planning on visiting there soon or know someone planning on traveling there. Purchasing through Shopee Taiwan requires Taiwan bank accounts/cards/address though.
- The international store price at $199 includes shipping so I guess it evens out somewhat.
- I do consider the C40 Mk4 almost as good a grinder for filter coffee but at $250-350 depending on where you are, I personally can't justify the additional amount unless you're just dying for the color ways. I'm also just not a fan of how Comandante handles their business.
- I believe the Zp6 Special is still conical burr handgrinder with the cleanest or 'most unimodal' output. I'm sure the Pietro will give a more even and cleaner grind but don't think most home brewers are maximizing other factors such as water, coffee, dripper, recipe, etc. that I think the jump between Zp6 and Pietro would be smaller than changing one of those other things.

Changes from the original Zp6:

- The old Zp6 used the same body as the E-Pro and Z-Pro with a different outer burr carrier system.
- Clicks were at 33um
- The current Special looks like they just slapped on the old burrs onto a K-Pro body.
- Assuming factory alignment is done well there seems to be no major changes in grind quality

Complaints on the current Special:

- Still not the larger magnet grounds/catch cup (sad)
- Some users seem to be experiencing feed issues where grinding can take up to 2 minutes, I'm unsure of the cause but if you're experiencing this please request an exchange ASAP
- Nitpicky but I'm not a fan of how the darker colored Special has a different colored handle

Brew notes and some more comparisons to other grinders:

- Prior to the current K-Plus iteration which I have not tested, the C40 was the handgrinder closest to the JS/Zp6 in brew profile as well as sieving data. I'd say the difference between Zp6 and C40 is around (an arbitrary) 10% at most but factor that the C40 and Kinu would probably have a difference in profile of around 30%. That is to say I don't think most people will be able to tell a C40 and Zp6 brew apart if not side by side or unless you're doing a particularly high extraction brew of a coffee where the benefits of lower fines would be more apparent.
- For new users, do not be afraid of grinding finer or extending brew times. I found I had to grind finer on the Zp6 to achieve similar drawdown to the C40 but even then the Zp6 was a lighter intensity brew. To match intensity I needed to grind finer still and have a brew time longer than what was ideal on a C40. The lower fines means a finer grind and a longer brew time still gives you a higher and more even extraction with significantly less likelihood of channeling. (A friend of mine cannot get consistently good tasting brews at above 23.5% EY with a C40 but can consistently get good 24% EY brews with a Zp6).
- At similar intensities, the SSP 64mm Brew Burrs v1 will be a bit more even with slightly higher clarity, with an even more tea-like body. I'd say the difference is around 5%.
- I personally prefer flat bottom drippers with lower bypass for the Zp6: Tsubame 155 (for Kalita filters), MK Studio dripper (for larger doses/185 filter), Orea with ~negotiated paper filters. Being able to grind finer brings back the acidity and intensity lost in traditional slow flowing flat bottom dripper brews. I'm personally getting as much complexity on the Tsubame 155 that I would get on a V60 brew though the Tsubame brew would have a more robust body and higher sweetness.
- I would not see any need to rush upgrade to an 078 or a Fellow Ode with SSP brew burrs unless you really do want to go electric. The 078 is a better grinder but the Zp6 can safely produce world class brews, much less slow bar cafe level brews.

Some other ramblings:

- This grinder in my opinion is the best choice for a filter coffee focused hand grinder from a mix of price, grind quality, and ergonomics.
- I still wish this was cheaper. Or alternatively I wouldn't mind if they raised the price of this, added some more bonuses like a magnet catch cup, polished any internal quirks, and released the KS internationally for around $120-$130.
- I think anyone who does not like this grinder will probably be for the same reasons 1Zpresso was so hesitant to introduce this internationally. At lower extractions this grinder is.... just mild tasting. It's even and clean but it's just flat. When comparing to more bimodal grinders, those would have a lot more intensity, flavor complexity, and interesting notes. The Zp6 shines at higher extractions when trying to push sweetness and clarity. It shines as a transparent and neutral window to the coffee and roast quality without adding further embellishments. This won't be the grinder for people wanting heavy, textured brews. It won't do so well with darker roasts that cannot handle higher extractions.
- I'm really proud and happy to read about everyone enjoying coffee more with their Zp6s.
- Get a Kono or something if you want to simulate complexity once in a while.


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Great post Marc! Thanks for sharing.

Can you elaborate more on the recipe you're using with the Kalita Wave 155, what grind size setting you typically use and what TDS your aiming for?


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I used my jmax today for the first time since getting a zp6. It feels so much better (larger diameter) and the magnetic catch cup is far superior to the screw on ZP6.

I had a very nice, medium body cup.

I decided to mix my grind, half and half, with the ZP6 and the jmax too get a fuller bodied cup.

I've had 1 cup so far (16:222, mugen) , of black and whites 'the Original', so far it worked great. The cup is smooth, full bodied, and sweet.