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I would be interested in your comparison. I have NZ also and tried to use it for pour over few times.

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I received mine yesterday. Wasnt sure whether it was worth posting anything now as I've only made one brew but I thought I may as well. I bought it I guess as the hype interested me. I'll be comparing it to my Bentwood. I was under no illusion that it would be better as such but the comments about clarity interest me as when I have bad days with my coffee roasting and brewing I sometimes feel like I need a timeout from the Bentwood... To avoid either of us saying something we'll regret later! I know the Bentwood is not a high clarity grinder in comparison to the big burr boys, I used to have an EK with various SSP burrs, so I thought this maybe a more affordable way to test the hype, make comparisons, maybe have an alternative profile for certain coffee and have a travel option for the summer. Last night I roasted with a new profile on my KL nano 7 so I didn't really know what to expect from the coffee. On both grinders it was different to other roasting profiles, even lighter and more delicate as intended. Bentwood on 450microns, ZP6 on 35 clicks. Kono, 2x1min bloom and single pour to 240ml total... My typical recipe. Bentwood total 4min, ZP6 4.30. Bentwood was quite nice, subtle flavours but smooth and balanced... Needs rest and adjustments to roast. ZP6 was thinner and tasted a touch grassy, definitely more sour. Not drawing any conclusions as there is lots that can be done to improve this after only 1 brew. What did suprise me was that the ZP6's dry grounds aroma was much more intense. Did a little blind test with my wife for this.


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Brewed 4 brews today.

2 with a koji gesha from rogue wave and 2 with a Colombian gesha from Sey. Same dripper, paper and recipe, just different heat ofc. I cupped and brew these coffees several times so I knew what to expect. These are two coffees that are quite different in roast and process.

This grinder gives you a really clean presentation of coffee, I would honestly say cleaner and definitely more forgiving than the ssp mp.

The ssp mp has higher flavor separation and upfront acidity where as the flavor separation on the ZP6 is closer to other high end hand grinders and the Gen 2 burrs. At least based on the 4 brews so my opinion could easily change.

I brewed on the finer side closer to 3, the middle closer to 4 and the coarser side closer to 5.

I definitely got all the characteristics of the coffee and the brews reminded me of the gen 2 burrs where you could be off your target and still get a drinkable cup. I could see why this grinder wouldn't do well on some markets as the brews are so clean and light bodied, especially on the coarser settings that it is easy to mistake this for tea or something watery.

Grinder quality is superb though the threaded cup as expected can become loose when grinding. I think a wider base and magnetic catch up like the k ultra would make this the perfect grinder build wise. I find it easier to hold and grind than a c40 but it's also slower to grind compared to other 1zpresso models, closer to the c40 in grind speed.

Grind Adjustment ring took some getting used to but now I never want to go back to grinders that don't use this system haha. My grinder was 3 clicks past 0 out of the box. I could definitely calibrate it to 0 like my JX-pro but I have a feeling it might shift.

So far it's doing exactly what I wanted, a grinder that gives me a clean and lighter body profile without some of the drawbacks of the ssp mp. Lots of testing and cupping to do!

Was this grinder overhyped? Depends on which reviewer you watched, but I think coffee chronicler gave a better idea of what this grinder is about

Edit: apparently it is super easy to calibrate based on the manual and Lance's video, will do haha.


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Quick first impressions, compared to a Jmax.
I just unboxed the ZP6. Initial thoughts:
I liked the carrying case better, but they do not include the puffer.
Grinding: I like the feel better than the jmax. The diameter is slightly smaller and feels more rounded off, easier to hold. I do not like the screw on cup, the magnetic one works better for me, and seems slightly larger. Setting the grind is easier but they both are quite good in that respect.
Grinding is much easier, but does take longer. I have only ground 40g, with a cordless drill, but took longer with much less pressure needed. Much easier to hold while grinding. The retention was also more, but this is a virginally fresh grinder, it will get better (and is good now) .
Taste: good, I guess. I used a brand new roast to me so I don't have a clue or comparison yet. At the lowest setting according to their manual, #4, there was no mud/fines in my filter at all. I was using a Tanzanian peaberry. It tastes quite good and I will be going finer and comparing to the jmax when I feel like playing around a bit. I also used a Mugen at 15:300 and 20:300.
Yes, at this point I would but it again. Or is cheap enough to play and high quality too.


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What grind size do you set the ZP6 to for cupping? What grind size range do you normally use for pourover?


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I'm on my 6th cup and am at 2 currently. I do not cup. I will be trying finer although with my Tanzanian peaberry I will stay here at 2.


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I do not like the UE (but the feel is great in hand), the screw on cup is a PIA , grinds get in the threads and also on the counter. It also seems to take a long time to grind (compared to the jmax). Not a big gripe and I just increase the RPM on the drill.
Luckily the taste is great so far and the cost is low. I can forget about looking at a new grinder purchase until the next generation.


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2 seems extremely low. I brewed a Colombian coffee from SEY, this afternoon and my setting was at 5.5. I rotate between a Hario Switch and a V60 for my brews. The coarser settings seem to produce better cups in my opinion.


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I'm sorry, it was 3, not 2. I like it for the Tanzanian but I will try a real 2 in the morning with my Harrar. It is on a Mugen for what that's worth. I will have to try coarser also. Thanks


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What's your coffee-to-water ratio with the Mugen, and how long does drawdown take with the ZP6 at grind size 3?