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bringyoutomyhell wrote:the classic espresso super jolly burrs
My experience would place those near the Timemore C2. Perhaps better than you'd think, but nowhere near the top picks.

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LBIespresso wrote:This thread caught my interest and I see some posts from established regulars but there are posts from 8 people with their first post ever and 2 more with their 2nd or 3rd post. I'm not saying that you all are not real...but I'm still not convinced that this amount of hype is not manufactured hype.

Just thought I'd point that out
Just took a quick look through again for a laugh. Many of the above referenced profiles had all or most of their posts in this topic and haven't been back since November. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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bringyoutomyhell wrote:In this comparison are you talking about the classic espresso super jolly burrs, which are similar to the stock burrs in most italian grinders? Are those that good for filter?

Thanks for all the insights though!
Jonk wrote:My experience would place those near the Timemore C2. Perhaps better than you'd think, but nowhere near the top picks.
My experience with the Super Jolly burrs is on a hand grinder. Yes a flat burr hand grinder made in Croatia. At matching mean particle diameter with grinders like the Zp6 and C40, it produces a more even particle shape as per the Gagne app which does have its limitations. On Kruve sifting with 200um bins at the same setting which also has some limitations, it consistently has less fines and less boulders than either conical. Finally brews at matching mean diameter will be slightly faster than the Zp6 with the Zp6 faster than the C40. In both situations I find going finer and having brews with longer contact time than C40 brews actually have better taste than just matching grind size but having a faster tbt or only slightly finer with matching tbt.

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Thanks. So maybe the lower rpms create less fines than the typical 1400rpm of them mounted on a Jolly. Will try them again nonetheless. Single feeding the beans should reduce fines even more


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I am not super familiar with the Super Jolly as a machine but I cannot make decent pourover with an unaligned DF64 with similar burrs. What looks coarse can take 5-7 minutes for a supposedly 3 minute brew. It's a mix of high RPM, unaligned burrs, and regrinding due to clogging from the crappy stock declumper. I'm sure the Super Jolly can at least make a brew.

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Yeah, similar experience. I have an aligned Ceado 64mm (fundamentally similar to a Jolly or DF64). It gets better if you put just a couple beans at a time, almost seemed better than C40 in a couple cases, but not worth the hassle. I'm in the market for a dedicated filter grinder, probably an Ode gen 2 or one of the new Timemores with ghost like turbo burrs


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Spoke to 1zpresso, they've discontinue the zp6 (again!). So might need a thread title change. I ended up getting a K Max, arrives tomorrow.


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After a few more months with the ZP6 I've largely gone back to the Comandante for manual grinding. My Mazzer SJ has since been replaced by a Ditting 804 with the original cast burrs (an additional pair of high uniformity burrs from user jpboyt are on the way). The Ditting is markedly better than both manual grinders, of course. Whenever I switch over to the ZP6 and Comandante for a side-by-side comparison after using the Ditting for a week, both conical grinders taste quite muddy in comparison to the Ditting, which sort of leads me back to my original opinion that at these price points, small conical burr sets are almost not worth it. Especially multiple sets. To further support this point, my partner and I did a blind tasting with the ZP6, Comandante, Kingrinder K6, Mazzer SJ, and Ditting with cast burrs, and all three manual grinders were virtually indistinguishable. The Ditting was the standout with the SJ following. Considering the borrowed K6 cost $100, I'm certainly going to be a lot more wary of the big flat-burr descriptors applied to small conical grinders like the ZP6 in the future. The biggest takeaway for me having so many grinders in the house was learning that coffee tastes way better when my partner makes it for me as opposed to me making it for the both of us. There's certainly a lot of psychology at play in this hobby.


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What do you all think,
I ONLY drink pour over. No espresso.
I have a jmax which I like.
My favorite coffee is ethiopian harrar.
Besides having 0 money, the wife would not like a big grinder on the counter.
Is it silly of me to think of getting the zp6 for an improvement, or am Ode?
Or should I just be happy with the jmax and of I ever upgrade take a big step up and go for something with a sweet burr or the like?
Thanks! (also my first post so be gentle)


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They no longer sell the ZP6. I'm curious as to why you went with the J-Max? It's better suited towards espresso.