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iBrew wrote:Lance really hyped it up and I don't know how much I can trust his reviews anymore.
Perhaps it is just a personality clash, but in the first video of his that I watched, within seconds I came to the conclusion I would not trust that guy on anything.

In this video, where he is supposedly interviewing a PhD chemist (I am not questioning the guest's credentials; I opine "supposedly" because he shows absolutely no interest in anything the PhD is saying, cutting off the PhD every second with "yep, u-hum, yep, u-hum...yep...u-hum", so he is not interviewing anyone), it is very cringe-worthy, especially considering he invited the person to talk I assume.

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Acavia wrote:Also his incompetent but know-it-all attitude is normally comical...
Per the site's Guidelines for productive online discussion, please pay attention to two admonishments "Be respectful" and "Encourage positive, shared discourse".

It's perfectly fine to criticize someone's opinions or assertions, e.g., "You're wrong that XYZ leads to ABC and we've held blinded group taste tests to demonstrate it". It's not OK to criticize the person, e.g., "You're wrong that XYZ leads to ABC and you're advocating for that position proves your incompetence".

Please note that the site guidelines, like "be respectful", apply to members and non-members. So this post isn't overlooked, the thread is on a short cooldown.
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#183: Post by cactus_farmer »

Can the ZP6 Special do espresso-fine grind at all?


#184: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

People have reported that they can do it, some get turbos, others can get 9 bars near touch. It is possible but most say it is not that great


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cactus_farmer wrote:Can the ZP6 Special do espresso-fine grind at all?
I tried 2 clicks from touch, and it only took 10s to get 30g water out of 15g beans on my 9bar modded Gaggia Classic. But that was pretty much right after I got the grinder, I'll try it again in a few weeks after putting more beans through and see if seasoning helps.


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EvanOz85 wrote:Assure us how? Maybe you can help explain why a grinder touted for it's incredible alignment has uneven burr rub?
All hand grinders has uneven burr rub, no one is 100% concentric

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#187: Post by EvanOz85 replying to malling »

It's the extent of the burr rub that is the issue. Neither my Helor 106 nor my K-Plus exhibit this problem to this level.


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Also when I got the grinder first, the burr was starting to rub at 0.3 ( 3 clicks from zero ) but when I cleaned and aligned it again to zero, it starts rubbing around 0.9. Whats the reason for that? can it be fixed or does it have any impact on grinding quality


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Then do your own reviews on YT, and do your own interviews if you are unsatisfied with the content of those who are working hard to produce.
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Don't get me wrong I was irritated at first too, but I now believe this is chasing windmills.
There are at least 2 factors that I described in this thread previously that affect the grind setting on which the rubbing sensation starts.
One very minor one is the how the variations in assembling the grinder, if done correctly.
The other is in which position you hold the grinder.
The other very obvious reason is how exactly the grinder is set to zero.
There are probably more influences on this and one is how the cone is fixed to the shaft. However I wouldn't try to do this more precisely than 1z themselfs.
My question would be can anyone tell me why this rubbing should indicate misalignment. Surly it rubs but did anyone find out what actually rubs on what, maybe with a marker test or however?