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travis_rh wrote:So, my tl;dr take-away is that if I already have a K-Max, it's probably not worth picking up this new ZP6, even if I am only ever using it for filter coffee. Is that about right?
Honestly, I have been preferring the ZP6 to the K-Plus (same burrs as max) in all of my light roast tastings. I find the K-Plus can mute some of the more interesting fruity and floral notes, while the ZP6 accentuates them.


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Hi, has anyone tried brewing an aeropress with ZP6? If so, what was your grind setting?

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Just experiment. Don't rely on other people's grind settings. It's going to vary grinder to grinder and bean to bean.


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Yeah, I totally agree, but I'm just looking for some reference point :wink:

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Start around 4.

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Got a ZP6 based on some of the feedback in this thread. First try I made a great v60 with some proud mary kenya beans at grind setting 4. I think this will become my pourover driver and the monolith max with SLM burrs will be espresso only now.


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For anyone in need of a 10 minute time out with senseless dabbeling.
There are only 2 parts in this grinder that can be placed differently when doing the standard cleaning procedures, given it is reassembled correctly. The spring and the top ball bearing. Playing with the 4 different configurations I was able to move the point of first contact by 1 increment or 2 :D
1 increment as in 1 click not a whole number :D

Not that I believe it makes any difference. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: what I'm saying is very subjective and shouldn't be taken too seriously

I've been comparing ZP6 and P100 with Brew burrs for around two weeks now and would love to share my findings.

Here is what and how I was brewing
I deliberately chose the most consistent brewing method available to me and comprehensible and generally "neutral" coffees (to my taste).

Brewing gear used: Orea V3 with Sibarist flat filters (Orea special edition)
Recipe: 12g of coffee, 200g of water;
40g initial pour followed by WWDT
at 0:30 - 80g circular pour at a relatively high flow rate to provide a lot of turbulence followed by a Rao spin
at 1:00 - same 80g pour followed by a Rao spin
Temperature: 86-92C depending on coffee and grinder (generally lower for ZP6)
TBT: 2min - 2:30min depending on coffee and grinder
Water: KH - 50ppm CaCO3, GH - 60ppm CaCO3, Ca/Mg ~ 9/1
Coffees: Hunkute (washed 74110 and 74112) by Drop, 014 by A.M.O.C (washed Sidra)
RPM: P100 - 2 (390rpm), steady and vertical grinding with ZP6 at around 60-80rpm

Taste notes
These are comparative, so only valid in the context of comparing these two grinders.

Clarity (flavour presentation and separation):
To be honest, both are great, but:
P100 - you can easily pick and taste all flavours you expect from the coffee you're drinking, the flavours are presented very clearly and in multiple layers, there's no feel of a punchy dominant (see below)
ZP6 - more flat, I can taste 2-3 dominant flavours that are presented in a quite aggressive (punchy?) way but it's hard to find anything else behind
Body (mouthfeel):
P100 - gentle and silky smooth, really coating the tongue, very very pleasant
ZP6 - weak and hollow (w/o any negative connotations to it), definitely not that smooth, increasing extraction adds harshness and astringency but doesn't change the way body is perceived
P100 - makes me smile like an idiot every time, you get all the sweetness you coffee has
ZP6 - lower than I get with P100 but definitely not absent, I'd say sufficiently presented but requires your brew to be dialed in perfectly

General observations
- brews with P100 seem more round and balanced but with a bit higher (more complex I'd say) clarity
- the sweet spot with P100 is much wider, you have much more space to dial in you brew, if you're a bit off with P100 you still get a drinkable cup whereas ZP6 punishes you without mercy
- with ZP6 I sometimes find myself in a point where I enjoy clarity but the brew feels a bit hollow and I'd love to get rid of the hollowness but I can't because I hit a wall of harshness and/or astringency if I increase the extraction by any way

More general observations
I was very surprised by how close these two are in terms of general cup quality. I'd say the difference between K-Max and ZP6 to my taste is bigger and more critical than between P100 and ZP6 (you're probably wondering if I'm totally mad saying that, probably, I don't know).


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Lance really hyped it up and I don't know how much I can trust his reviews anymore. I would've been surprised if it really was a hand grinder version of the SSP MP. So basically if you want a conical hand grinder for pour over 1Zpresso makes some really good options but don't kid yourself in thinking it's going to go head to head with flat burrs or an Apex. If I was buying a conical hand grinder for pour over, the X-Pro would look like the best option for my taste.