1Zpresso K Pro Issues

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I just purchased a K pro hand grinder via Prima. Currently I have a Kinu Phoneix and a Baratza Forte. As soon as I got the grinder, I tried taking it apart to check the inside the recalibrate, but I was unable to take apart the grinder. Then, when I put it back together, I suddenly was unable to change the adjustment dial. The crank knob moves fine, but the adjustment dial is stuck.

Also, the plastic part easily becomes disconnected from the crank knob if you twist it off. It seems very flimsy.

Has anyone had experience and similar issues with the K pro? I've heard nothing but great things about it and I'm disappointed with these issues.


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So you took it apart, reassembled and now it doesn't work so you are disappointed. Makes sense.


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I did the same thing and found from a YouTube video that I put it back together wrong. Just search YouTube.

NYFilter93 (original poster)

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Forgot to respond. Ended up figuring it out but I'm not sure how. It's fixed now.