1Zpresso K-plus burrs

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#1: Post by Bue »

I have read some things about an upgrade on the burrs on the K-plus. Apparently there should be a specific date and forward where the upgrade should have been implemented on the K-plus in brown. Some say if you get the Max og the K-plus in grey you should be guaranteed. Does anybody know anything about this?
K-Max is the newest model from 1Zpresso.
In many ways, it's similar to the K-Plus, but there are some small but important differences.
The most important one is that the K-Max has a slightly different burr design compared to the K-Plus I tested more than a year ago.
In my opinion, this is a crucial update. It makes it very suitable for espresso while still being excellent for pour over.
To my knowledge the 2022 version of the K Plus has the same burr design, making it very similar.
https://coffeechronicler.com/best-1zpre ... -overview/


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Sounds to me like really bad product management. Their site does not indicate in any way the burr would be different between the models (K-Pro, K-Max, K-Plus).

There are two important comments about the burr on the product site:
Stainless Steel "K Burr"
The specialized stainless-steel heptagonal conical burr is ideal for a variety of brewing methods.
Grinding coffee with K Burr no longer has to be troublesome; instead, it could be something joyful! The K-series grinders have excellent performance on consistency. Starting with a medium-coarse grind size for pour-over, you can make a cup of coffee with a clean and bright taste that is hard to achieve with other grinders.
Emphasis mine. On the other hand they mention espresso on the paragraph about adjustment mechanism. From all this I kind of get the confused idea that it should suit both main brew methods, espresso and drip / pour over. But from the comments around the internet I got the idea that it is a bit like Comandante in the sense that it is very suitable for pour over but can also be used for espresso, though maybe a little bit less convenient in edge cases because of the large-ish adjustment steps.

If there's a new burr design, and it is more espresso focused, I'm almost certain it is less pour over capable and this to me, based on the grinders current fame, is a definite downgrade and as a potential future customer I would very much like to know there was a design change.

OK, just my babbling two cents. Don't really know if anything has changed.


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never had brewing issues;
there's always at least 2-3 grind settings that i can use on 1zk for 9 bar.
i can further adjust dose by 0.1-0.7g to get desired timing and yield.
also medium coarse grind on filter for this thing still flows fast since it has little fines. my timemore c2 needs almost 50% coarser to match brew timing.

no idea how to identify the old vs new burr. no one posted pictures for reference. its also outer burr, not the cone one.