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#1: Post by mwynne »

My 1Zpresso JX-Pro just arrived!

After a bit of fiddling and disassembly/reassembly (because that's how I am), running a grinderful of spare beans through it (nicely provided by the shop I ordered it from), and grinding for a test shot, I've got a bit of a sense of how it works.

First off, this thing is way heavier than I expected. I can definitely see why some folks would find it a bit tough to hold with the diameter and weight. Thankfully, I have big old bear paws, so not an issue here.

One little niggle, the grind adjustment dial runs from 0-9 (multiple full rotations are needed to go from finest to coarsest, with 40 individual clicks per rotation for adjustment), but out of the box, it was calibrated with 8 aligned with the zero-marker. They have directions to recalibrate though, so I set mine with 0 being the set point, so one full rotation from finest will bring me back to 0 on the dial. Not a big issue, but definitely something that would annoy me if it wasn't adjustable.

It grinds pretty fast? At 20 clicks, I ground 17g in ~70 rotations of the handle.

The catch cup is threaded on this model - the magnetic version on the JE-Plus would be nice, but it's a big price jump. And the catch cup fits into my Rok's ~50mm basket, so that's very nice and tidy.

I haven't spent much time dialing it in yet, so I don't really know how precise each of the clicks are, or where exactly my ideal range is going to be.

I'll add any other thoughts as I play with it more, but if anyone wants photos, tests, details, let me know and I will try to answer!
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#2: Post by jatem »

I ordered one from 1zpresso directly. Looking forward to it for single dosing with my robot, when it arrives.


#3: Post by QuirkyOrk »

I got one recently as well. Mine also came zeroed at 8, but that didn't really bother me so I haven't recalibrated it. I've been really impressed with it so far for both pour overs and espresso with my Pavoni.


#4: Post by jatem »

Mine arrived in about a week. Quality construction, no slop in the bearings. Consistent grinding, easy to adjust the grind setting. Making really nice coffee with my new Robot. No fines in the cup, no bad shots. It gives a bit of an arm workout, grinding on setting 15 for espresso.

I noticed that the top aluminum tapered section can unscrew, and causes the grind to change. It's a reverse thread. Now I make sure not to hold it around the very top (above the silicone grip).

mwynne (original poster)

#5: Post by mwynne (original poster) »

I've been using mine just about twice daily since getting it and am really happy with it. Been grinding a mix of pourover and espresso and zero issues with either. RDT noticeably keeps the cling and mess down. Easy to adjust and use, definitely punches above it's cost.

Jatem, I noticed the same thing with that top ring - I think it's set that way to allow for calibration/zero-ing of the grind indicator. I did fiddle with it a bit, but ultimately just keep it as is. I might ping 1Zpresso and ask about it thought because I'm curious.
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#6: Post by JanFrank »

Using my jx-pro for a week now, mostly with my cafelat robot for espresso. Works great and has über precise tuning to get a perfect shot. Sometimes I make filter coffee for my wife, 2 and a half rotation up and grind. Rotating it back to espresso after. Couldn't be easier! I do not find it heavy as some described and it grinds without needing lots of force.
Only things is there is some static electricity generated that keeps some grinds stuck to the grinder. I read a tip on how to solve this somewhere but I forgot where...

mwynne (original poster)

#7: Post by mwynne (original poster) » replying to JanFrank »

Probably the "Ross Droplet Technique". If I have a particularly static bean I do this. In my case, I weigh my beans into the catch cup of the grinder, lightly wet my finger and stir the beans with it. Then grind as normal. Also regardless of beans/static, I like to let the grinder sit for about 30 seconds after I finish grinding, then give it a shake/thwack before unthreading the catch cup. That gives time for the static to dissipate and then settles the grounds.
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#8: Post by JanFrank » replying to mwynne »

Thanks so much, that solved the issue!!!


#9: Post by Jimmy-W »

I had a JX-Pro, but returned it and picked up a C40. I had a few issues with the JX: the grounds bin and upper retainer ring came loose during grinding all too often. Yes, I tightened them reasonably well. When the top ring loosens, it ruins your grind setting. I also found that beans always became stuck in the concave area of the adjustment dial during filling. There's not a lot of room on top for beans to pass easily. While it's not necessary to calibrate the dial to zero after re-assembly, I prefered to do so, and it was a bit of a pain. I like the C40 much better. It quality is superior, and it's easier to use and take apart. You do, however, have to remember how many clicks from zero the grinder is set to, or count over. You basically have to do that with the JX if you don't re-calibrate it. I think the C40's grounds are a little more uniform. On the other hand, the JX is much cheaper, and it does grind a tad more quickly.


#10: Post by kalo925 » replying to Jimmy-W »

Have been using one a few weeks and these issues are silly. Never once has anything come loose after. I remember when I first got it the top ring was moving, I just tightened it down a little. Hasn't moved since. Yes beans always end up in that little concave area inside the adjustment dial. Takes a microsecond to pop them out and in to the chamber. Can't comment too much about the dial zero, but the one time I've fully taken apart the grinder it was back to zero with no issues. I've seen the C40 video reviews and it has some issues too. Your complaint's about the JX-pro are not issues IMO. ;)

Edit: I now pour my beans from the center of the grinder toward the outside openings and just cup up your finger a little around the top of the grinder while holding it. NO beans in the center concave area at all. ;)