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#21: Post by swdst »

What setting do you find best for the robot?
To give you a starting point for the Robot, I was anywhere between 1.6.8 to 1.7.2, and adjusting finer or coarser depending on the bean as needed.


#22: Post by Fred_Schmutzke »

I wanna bring up one concern (or maybe it is more like an observation so far). Anyone who owns one of 1Zpresso's models with a threaded grounds cup also experiencing abrasion of their thread? I do, it is constantly being created through attrition when screwing it loose or tight and settles down as grey dust within the turns of the thread. So I was wondering: is this something that we should be concerned about? Could the fine aluminium dust end up in our cups? That would not be great, I guess. Thoughts, experiences, anyone?

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#23: Post by lomolta »

I always thought (and still think), this were very fine coffee grounds which got stuck there and were sorta crushed or squeezed again and then oxizidized or something. Overall I dont believe it's fine aluminium powder but coffee.


#24: Post by Fred_Schmutzke »

Interesting thought. I'd be very happy if that were true. I'll make sure to take that into consideration next time I wipe the thread to get rid of it and take a closer look with a magnifier or sthg. The colour indicates that it is something different than coffee, though, because it looks greyish, slightly metallic, almost anthracite. I might also write 1Zpresso about it - still the most responsive (and nice) customer service I ever dealt with.


#25: Post by thoang77 »

Do you notice this fine dust every time you use it? If so, have you tested the theory by just screwing the catch cup on and off to see if a dust is created from that alone?


#26: Post by Fred_Schmutzke »

No, it builds up. I wasn't really thinking about the implications until I cleaned the whole grinder thorougly a few days ago. I might try your method and see if it helps to test my theory/osbervation, even though I am bit afraid that if I'm right, that I will stress the very thin material where the turns begin unnecessarily. But then again... I wanna know for sure what this is, to be honest.