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#1: Post by kaimojurgis1 »

Hi guys, decided to look for some advice... I have the JX for about a month and struggle a bit (I'm sure it's me, not the grinder though...). I have been brewing espresso for a couple of years so dialing coffee in is not new to me, even light roasts. I recently decided to venture into pour over so bought this grinder. Initially I was brewing at around two full rotations from my zero and was getting 2:30-3:30min time with 22g. Given this was all new, I kept experimenting with adjusting the grind to find the sweet spot. Two weeks in and about 3kg in, I decided to clean it and see the insides. I did that, all looked good, put it back. Went to the same setting and and seems like the grind changed.

1. Has someone experienced something similar?
2. What is your pour over setting (and, if possible, when did you buy the grinder) ? What is the recipe for that grind?
3. Have you managed to compare the grinder with the more common "top"- Comandante, Lido or Kinu?


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In their manual they recommend around 1.5 rotations for pour over. Attached is the coffee bed using https://www.lacabra.dk/pages/v60-brew-guide recipe, after about an hour post coffee making, at two full rotations out, using EKG Stagg for 4 g/s flow. It took 4:01min..



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Not a 1Zpresso JX owner. But in your picture it is definitely too fine for Pour Over.
You may wanna contact their customer service.


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Did you check the zero when you originally got it? My JX-Pro was a bit off in that zero wasn't quite fully closed. Although, I don't expect yours was a full rotation off.


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Yeah... I closed fully at just over 6, so when assembling it back made sure the marking part went in the same place, and got a zero at 6 again.


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Well, I found at least some explanation.. around the time I cleaned I started using acaia brewmaster app. As I have lunar, which is very small, it seemed to be more convenient to use tha app to monitor the time and weight. I just noticed today, that the app is rushing time, so the brew that actually took 3min is showing as 3:30 on the app :evil:

So maybe the visual fines are just due to different coffee now.. I got a hold of someone who has a comandante and using 25 clicks, tried to visually dial in the JX. Seems like around 2.5 rotations, will keep playing.


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I have the Jx Pro, that come with a paper chart for the differents brews, maybe you have one too to look the pour over settings, if you need you can contact the company via mail, and they are in Facebook too, 1Zpresso, where you can contact in chat, really kindly attention, I contacted him when I bought my grinder. Good luck.