1Zpresso JMax Vs Niche Zero Grind Settings

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#1: Post by JHCCoffee »

I am starting to use my new 1Zpresso JMax. I'd like to correlate grind settings on my Niche Zero to my JMax. Ideally I would use a Kruve sifter to do so, but I don't currently own one. If you happen to own these two grinders, can you share your experiences on the correlation of grind settings between the two. Even rough calibration guidance will save me trial and error beans and effort.


#2: Post by AnotherADDiction »

I have no experiance with the niche, but used to use the jmax just for pour over. I believe that I usually was around 2.4.6. I can look it up if you would like

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#3: Post by Lotsofpulp »

I have both and honestly couldn't see much correlation between the two. Having the clicks on the jmax make it very clear where your grind is at. On the niche, a quarter turn is supposed to put you into pour over range.

My jmax has been relegated to office Keurig duty while the niche handles my home coffee consumption.
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