1Zpresso JE Plus

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Watch time period 0.49 minutes to 1.14 minutes of video:
That looks pretty neat to me. Anyone try this one yet? If so, any feedback?


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I heard good things about 1zpresso. I have just ordered the jx pro. I'm looking forward to test it against the m47.

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I have an electric conversion that works exactly like this with my 1Zpresso. But, mine looks a lot like an $30 Black & Decker variable speed drill :wink:

LewBK (original poster)

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Looks like they're now selling it on Amazon, but jacked up the price to $239. I saw it originally for about $50 less on Aliexpress, but no more. Meh.


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I just picked one up off Ali-Express for their 11.11 day sale (similar to Prime Day). Will let you know how it works when it comes in. It seems to have a lot of neat features. I have a Timemore nano for comparison.

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I helped my neighbor order one of these for his RV setup, it arrived DOA (ordered on Amazon).

The beans do not get drawn into the burrs. We have not taken it apart yet but even adjusting the burrs wide open to a very coarse setting they just get crushed slightly at the top of the burrs and collect inside and not out the bottom. Burrs are rotating. Right now I suspect an improperly ground burr set which is of course not correctable.

The package looks substantial for the price but would need to dismantle it to see how substantial the shaft and drive mechanism is.

Further notes:

There was a manufacturing dust of some sort all over the unit inside of the case. Small burrs on the thread that when you screwed various parts together those burrs would fall off. The 'blind shaker' like center piece had lots of dings and dents on the Outer diameter that were bead blasted and anodized in place. No one really sees this much when it use but so much for leaving it out on display if you choose to, it is that dinged up. I'll try to get photos.

If he decides replace instead of just return I'll give an update. Since it was I think Amazon prime itr should be an easy return as opposed to Aliexpress so just a heads up.

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Wow, a hand grinder dead on arrival? I have the 1ZPresso JX and K-pro, and just ordered the JE-plus because the catch cup looks interesting. Hopefully that problem you saw is very rare!

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Replacement on its way.

The ding on the upper OD of the body is barely noticeable and the image does not capture it well anyway. The ones on the teardrop blind shaker piece are more significant than we could capture.

Don't have a video of it in action but imagine it spinning almost freely with a light rumble sound of beans getting shifted around.

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I see no reason to buy this at its current price of $239 as you can get a new Comandante or Kinu for about the same amount, and they have a better reputation. However, if its price were to decline to where it was originally $189 or thereabouts, then it becomes interesting.