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DamianWarS wrote:I'm a little confused over this as well with reviews even leaning toward an espresso focus and the JX-Pro a better option for brew. The burr geometry to me looks very similar to the JX-Pro, if not identical, and I get the MAX is designed for espresso but why is the JX-Pro apparently a better grinder for filter and the J-MAX not a better choice for filter? if it's just usability features and not a difference in the cup then I can get over that. I get too many steps for filter can get annoying but in the cup what really is the difference? a YouTuber I watched reviews the J-MAX and his findings (video and video) are the same that it's better for espresso and the Pro is better for filter, albeit a close finish. But I feel there may be some confirmation bias happening cause I'm not really seeing a whole lot that would separate these if the same grind was chosen for filter I don't see a coated burr set causing a negative impact.
from a visual comparison with 1zpresso's comparisons of the J series the burr geometry of the MAX seems to be the same as their JE and JE-Plus line. the inner burr has higher cuts and the out burr geometer has the most noticeable differences. What is interesting is although the MAX looks nearly identical to the JE burr set the JE series is listed as 47mm and the JMAX as 48mm so there's a difference of 1mm. I always thought manufacturing was cheaper when you reuse the same parts but in 1zpresso's case, they seem to have decided to make an existing espresso burr set and make it very slightly and possibly unnoticeably larger. on paper for the MAX it looks better and it goes more head to head with their flagship models for each series like the JX-Pro and the K-Plus both have 48mm burrs.

To me this begs the question of what the future for this now outdated 47mm espresso burr set and I wonder if this means they are dropping the JE line or retrofitting it with the 48mm burr since it seems impractical to continue manufacturing the 47mm and 48mm burrs. the Q and E series has a 38mm burrs with pentagonal and heptagonal geometry, the JS and JX has a 48mm in a hexagonal geometry (but both are unique). The K series also has a 48mm and in heptagonal geometry. So the JE and JE-Plus seems the odd one out at 47mm in the hexagonal geometry. This was fine as it's its own series but now the MAX has essentially a 1mm larger version of the JE series it seems impractical to continue the 47mm burr of the JE line.

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Only grinder from 1Z I had was the JE-Plus and it is a fantastic grinder that has the coated Italmill burrs. Somewhere I read that the MAX has burrs made 'in house', so maybe that's the direction they will take with their line. I will say although they offer a great device for the price point I think they are getting carried away with so many models, names, etc. I'd just stick with a few designed for a specific grind range and continue to crank out quality.

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the max seems more of an upgrade closer to the K-plus with the outside adjustment and magnetic bin. The burr geometry does look like the Italmill which isn't a bad thing although most seem to dislike it when they hear Italmill. various places claim the JE comes with 48mm Italmill burr set where 1Zpresso claims 47mm. it would make sense behind 1Zpresso's motivation for the MAX if for some reason the 48mm become more available or cheaper than the 47mm. they do make a lot of varied products however and they could simply their line up a little more, perhaps by retiring some models but this sort of large menu model is a typical asian culture thing and maybe why they feel the need to have such a large listing. But they can be clearer with upgrade path. I think the MAX, for example, should have been called the JE-MAX as it seems to be the upgrade path for that series.

From my count 1ZPresso has 7 different burr sets geometries across 11 grinders. There are your sets with standard flatter style geometery, the geometry where the outer burr looks like a buzzsaw and the one where the outer burr has more rounded pedal like patterns like a flower. the flat and buzzsaw ones I think are all Italmill burrs and the flower shape one I think are another manufacture based in china but still outsourced. This would mean that only the JX and K series are the only non-Italmill burrs or maybe classified as "in house" burrs they offer.

1. 38mm Pentagonal Burr [Q2] (Italmil)
2. 38mm Heptagonal "buzzsaw" Burr [Q2, E, E-PRO] (Italmil)
3. 47mm Hexagonal Burr "buzzsaw" [JE, JE-PRO] (Italmil)
4. 48mm Hexagonal Burr [JS] (Italmil)
5. 48mm Hexagonal "flower" Burr [JX, JX-PRO] (China)
6. 48mm Hexagonal "buzzsaw" Burr [J-MAX] (Italmil)
7. 48mm Heptagonal "flower" Burr [K-Pro, K-Plus] (China)