1Zpresso J-Max a new kid will arrive on the block

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#1: Post by Snidel337 »

I just realized on 1zpresso website that there is a new grinder

Looks like it has a titanium coat, 48mm burr, conical, higher definition on the size selection (8.8 microns adjustment, vs 12.5 of the jx-pro or 30 microns on the comandante), 90 clicks per rotation, external adjustment, magnetic receiver.

Pictures looks really alike to my jx-pro, looks like they added better tolerances, more definition, the coat and the top external adjustment from other models as well as the magnetic catch

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Snidel337 (original poster)

#2: Post by Snidel337 (original poster) »

there are some pics on the store https://1zpresso.coffee/product/jmax/

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#3: Post by mbbrew »

I wonder what separates this from the K-Plus? Different burr set and smaller?

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#4: Post by drH »

If you ask them directly what grinder is the best for pour-over, they respond that the KPlus is excellent. Haven't asked about espresso but maybe the Max will be the espresso flagship and the KPlus a dual-purpose or pour-over flagship.


#5: Post by dascoont »

Wow love the dark colorway. But it looks like it uses the same burrs as the je and je plus? Are they phasing those out for this newer j max?

edit: alright 1mm difference, but looks like its similar burrs?


#6: Post by wojtowip »

Looks like the same burr as JX, but coated. That would mean it's probably bit more aggressive and would grind faster, but with more effort. Very interesting indeed.
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Snidel337 (original poster)

#7: Post by Snidel337 (original poster) »

K-plus is a great all rounded, but you can't dial in a really precise way for espresso, each click is 22 microns... that is a little better than comandante, but not as much as a JX-Pro for example, and the J-Max offers 8.8 microns, so you would need about 3 clicks on the j-max to do a click on the K-plus

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#8: Post by galfert »

Oh well surely had to happen as I just a bit over a month ago purchased my JX-PRO. I love my JX-PRO except for one thing. It is annoying to load it as beans always get stuck by the top of the axle and adjustment ring. I've learned to cup my hand before putting the handle on and give it a shake or two, but it is an added annoyance. I do love how it performs though.

Maybe I can sell the JX-PRO and get the J-MAX.


#9: Post by dascoont »

Thinking it over, they could have designed it a bit more sensible towards purely hand grinding espresso. If this is targeted towards manual espresso grinding, they should have made the grip diameter much smaller and make the grinder lighter for overall comfort.

Grinding on the JX pro for months for espresso was a pain/workout. Its not too heavy, and you won't notice it at first, but grinding with high torque for ~1min is not fun, you'll really start to feel the weight at the very end, especially if your hand is on the smaller end. Even now using the K-pro, its still a workout, but at least its lighter and has a smaller diameter grip for comfort.

Maybe reduce the chamber size to save weight and/or smaller diameter? Pretty sure a sensible size would be ~23g max, don't really need 35g capacity.

Still looks great though


#10: Post by galfert »

I now see Amazon listing for the J-Max and the price is $199.00
https://www.amazon.com/1Zpresso-Assembl ... 097H6NX7Z/

Although there are several product photos, the photo that I would like to see if one of the loading chamber. If anyone gets this please share some photos.

EDIT: Thank you for the video link in the next post! Very nice clear path for beans and they don't get stuck!