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Blog post and "first look" video from the Coffee Chronicler:


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wojtowip wrote:Looks like the same burr as JX, but coated. That would mean it's probably bit more aggressive and would grind faster, but with more effort. Very interesting indeed.
A burr coating does not make it more aggressive, in fact the ones with dark coatings on them that I have tried (Feldgrind, Kinu) are on the slower side. The main purpose of coating is for longer lifetime.

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You are correct, looks like I ate some words. I meant more aggressive than the JE models, since those are a bit slower to feed and easier to grind on vs JX.
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I had a JE-plus, and I agree. It's extremely easy to turn, but takes a long time. Also the diameter was a little large (or maybe my hands are too small :lol: ) so after grinding 2 shots in a row, my hand holding the grinder was a bit tired.

1Zpresso has so many models now, most people can find one that meets their preferences. I think they are finding which features are the most popular, like the external adjustment ring and magnetic cup, and putting it into the J max. Maybe they will pare down their lineup a little bit in the future.


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My unit just came in from Amazon today ahead of schedule.
Some initial after using the JX-Pro for a few months:
  • The first thing I did was to try to calibrate to zero... which would've been more straightforward if I'd bothered to grind some beans to figure out which way is a finer grind.
  • I have what I think are very medium-sized male hands and I found the finger space for turning the JX-Pro's dial a bit tight, which is a non-issue with the external ring on the Max. I do also find the JX-Max's seating screw easier to unscrew for calibration.
  • My initial reaction was being upset in not realizing that it's 9 numbers/rotation rather than the current JX Pro's neat 10. I got over it in a few minutes but I'm into neat numbers. No shaker cup.
  • The catch cup fits well in a Flair Pro 2's funnel and perfectly into an Aeropress.
  • Coming from the screw mechanism of the JX-Pro, I do need to hold the unit a bit higher up to not risk unseating the magnets.
  • I don't feel particular benefit from the included grip band so far.
  • The beans don't sit on the adjustment dial like with the JX-Pro.
  • I only used the JX-Pro for about three months as a backup so I can't say either have seen long enough use for me to make any comments on difference in taste from the burrs.
  • It might feel like it grinds a little faster but I'm putting that down to new toy feel.
  • The grinder arm is a little longer but I didn't notice a difference in use (yet).
  • I really wanted the travel case. The included brush has a stiffer side which is much welcomed. The blower is a nice touch, it looks less weapon-like than the Giottos Rocket Blower I use for cameras.
  • I don't grind over 20g at a time so I don't have any observations on max capacity.
  • The first image shows how fewer pieces there are to reinsert upside down and mess up in reassembly, I felt much more nervous seeing all the parts in the JX-Pro when I first took it apart.