Chloride in Water - Recommended Acceptable Ranges

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#1: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

I have LM(0-30), and Synesso (0). Slayer isn't specific. I am interested in collecting recommendations.

Can anyone post a screenshot from owners manuals of any major manufacturers recommendations:
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#2: Post by homeburrero »

Hi Michael,

The only one I've come across that you don't have is Kees. Here's from a recent Slim Jim manual:

They agree with LM-USA about 30 mg/L chloride. It's interesting that they also give a relatively low sulfate recommendation of 0 - 50 mg/L, but the really odd thing is that they have a 30 mg/L sulfate target. I don 't get that -- may be a goof. They also have an unusually conservative silica recommendation.

With respect to La Marzocco, I think LM USA newer advice is relatively consistent about picking 30 mg/L for max chloride, but not always true for manufacturer's guidelines. the Linea Mini Operator Manuals are more lenient, allow 0-50 mg/L chloride. Here's a snip from the v1.2 11/2015 manual:

The V1.1 operator manual was the same for chloride, but recommended oddly high hardness numbers (90 - 150 ppm) that was probably a goof. Their 1.2 manual now recemmends those numbers for TDS.

And Synesso used to recommend 0 chlorides, but the newer manuals have loosened up on that. Here's for the 7/2016 version of the MVP MPV Hydra Owners Manual:

They still make clear that any chloride may be harmful, exactly as Professor Pavlis has advised here on HB. When they say 5-15 mg/L max chloride I think they are perhaps implying that in some cases 5 may be the max chloride. (For example in blended RO that comes out at low pH and low alkalinity.)
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#3: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz (original poster) »

Pat thanks for the thorough update. You rock!

I had the old numbers so the updates are great.
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#4: Post by silkypull »

interesting post... i checked the izzo alex leva manual and it doesn't even have spec in regards to chloride... :(
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CarefreeBuzzBuzz (original poster)

#5: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz (original poster) »

Slayer now has a recommendation in it's latest manual.

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#6: Post by godlyone »

wow they really have a hard time with spelling :lol:

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#7: Post by Jeff »

I didn't know it off the top of my head, but 1 gpg ~ 17.1 ppm.